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HUB Parking Technology
Credit and Collections Manager was asked...29 March 2019

I was asked if I had any problem working for a woman controller who likes to micromanage a department the way she sees fit?

3 Answers

I heard the last credit and collection manager that was there had a heart attack from dealing with that controller that's there he told me they got rid of him because he refused to learn some sort of stupid reports but he did a damn good job I heard the company is on the verge of being bought out. Do not go there Less

I heard that the previous Credit & Collections Manager now claims their position was as an Intern to lighten the blow to their disaster of a resume. I also heard that person likes to pretend they are more than one person and comment on Glassdoor about a company they were asked to leave 3 months ago. Maybe this person should concentrate more on learning how to INSERT A COLUMN instead of writing false reviews. Less

They told me that it was not an 8 to 5 job and asked me if I was willing to work more than 40 hours a week and if not this wasn't the job for me. the controller told me we normally work 40 to 60 hours a week and then some and then during inventory time we come in on weekends on our own time I didn't like that but she said once you become a manager you're ours Less

Republic Services

After seeming instantly put off by the way I said "Hi," (not even joking), there was a stiff pause and then Jessica said, "So tell me something about you." I'm sorry, but that's too broad a question and not a good way to lead into an interview. Telling her about my personal stats in not appropriate, and she's got my work history in front of her. What does she want?

2 Answers

Whoa! I think you may be looking at this all wrong. Emotions are difficult to judge over the phone and harder still with a perfect stranger. You are the one looking for a job, so let it go. Tell me something about yourself is a pretty standard question, and it's a chance for you to walk the interviewer thru your work history (do it chronologically) pointing out the most important stuff that doesn't quite come across in print. It's an opportunity to connect the dots of what you've done and what they NEED DONE. Less

So I calmly said, " have my resume there...what would you like to hear more about?" By now we are REALLY not hitting it off--when she paused for effect again, I swear I nearly hung up, and I should have. Then she snottily said, "Well MOST PEOPLE can tell me something about them- selves." Again, no hint of something like, "I see you did such and such at your last job, can you tell me more about that?" Also, no warmth at all. Apparently she just called me to let me know I was stupid. Less

Republic Services

She asked me how much money I was looking to make....although it was clearly stated in the online app I had to fill out.

2 Answers

Exactly! She is the one who's not qualified for her job. What an absolute jerk... Less

I answered with the same figure I had given before. She said, "Huh." Basically I am just doing this review to say BEWARE of Jessica, be prepared to LEAD the whole conversation and be very rah-rah, go team, sorority girl about it. And to you, Republic Services in Jacksonville, you have missed out on a VERY qualified and dependable employee with loads of experience in exactly what you need, because I am 100% sure my resume went in the trash as soon as Jessica and I hung up the phone. So you folks at the local office will never even know that I exist. Oh well! I realize this may sound egotistical and it may seem that I just have sour grapes. Not so much, though...I actually already have a job and I'm not dying to leave it; I only applied for this because the qualifications matched my skills and history so exactly. Less

Do you think you are capable of doing the job offered to you?

1 Answers

I am confident that I can do the job with my acquired skills and I can cope up easily with new learnings. Less

Lite-On USA

Would i be able to adjust to a long day work

1 Answers

of course. A flexibility to work long hours if necessary to get the job done


If Hill-Rom's system created a difficult and expensive billing error that went out to the customer, and they called furious for resolution, how would I handle this situation?

1 Answers

I would take full responsibility as if I made the mistake myself, for in essence I am Hill-Rom. I would gather all information and promise resolution in a prompt manner. I would follow up on this promise immediately, and continue to do so until the issue was resolved. I would then notify the customer, and send all necessary documentation for them to apply on their end. Less


What makes me stand out over others they may interview

1 Answers

Team One. One Team. Over the years I have truly learned and appreciate the Value placed upon been a True Team player. Less


Where I wanted to be in 5 years within the organziation. Not knowing enough about the organization it was challenging as to what to say in regards to my future.

1 Answers

At a Director level postion.

Donnelly Mechanical

My ability to review accounts and make sound decisions.

1 Answers

I provided my history, communication and outcoming.


Why did you apply for this job? (since I'm overqualified)

1 Answers

My wife is pregnant with a second child. I need a paycheck and insurance.

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