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In a basket there are 2 red apples and 98 green apples;1 red apple is removed,how many green apples must be removed to make it 96% of total apples are green apples

6 Answers

74 green apples have to be removed

I Ball want to be 4%. so 1=4% so that 25 =100% in 25 one red and 24 green. 74 need to be removed

3 green apples to be removed

Can you tell me a little about yourself?

5 Answers

Written Aptitude

4 Answers

Tell about yourself

4 Answers

nothing prepare 11-12th silly questions

5 Answers


3 Answers

1. Written test consists of 40 questions which involves questions in 4 topics Big data, Cloud computing, Web designing and Social media.

3 Answers

What has been your Biggest Mistake in Optimising a Website for Search Engines?

2 Answers

Do you have any experience in Digital Marketing?

2 Answers

Print Patterns Program

2 Answers
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