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The Emirates Group
IT Service Delivery Manager/Project Manager for MRO/Airline Operations was asked...27 May 2014

The role play case was the following and needs some degree of diplomacy.Please be very careful here as slip could be construed as bad stakeholder management. Please refer below to the role play case. You have been appointed project manager of a project that has gone over budget and is also going over schedule soon. Your task is not to make tall promises as the organization that has appointed you clearly doesn't want you to promises more resources. The client is very unhappy and you need to meet and convince him with a plan

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My responsibility was to set up framework to manage and control project schedule, monitoring progress, ensuring project is within the decided budget and timeframe, calculating best estimate numbers for the project and account and report it to senior leadership, tracking variance in projected and month end financials, managing margins for the project, preparing numerous reports, business documentation, etc. Less

Be careful as the VP is judging you by your performance. You don't have to act. You just have to be your normal self. Less


If you could go back in time and meet anyone would would it be?

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WTF kind of question is this to ask a college graduate with 20 years of operational experiance? Less

Walt Disney. A Creative genius and inspirational leader with a positive legacy.

Georgian Court University

Why I was interested in the position

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Excelus Learning Solutions

How you will go for better productivity.

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If i am able to influence the community i am working in, by setting an inspirational example of a person that will result into snowball effect. Less

King & Spalding

What would your ideal working environment look like form a work life balance perspective?

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I mentioned I work hard and play hard, I don't like non-productive time at work and I prefer busy days where I can collaborate with my team to deliver on our collective objectives. Less


1. Tell Me about the Company ? 2. Accounts Related Questions - Accounting Standards (AS - 7 and AS-9) 3. Market - Crude Oil Price ? 4. Many Questions picked from resume itself

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1. Answers available stright from Companies Website 2. Specific to question 3. I gave a range ( Which was close enough to correct answer) Less


Examples of a good leader?

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Examples of what you think of when driving to work?

Professional background in the field?

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I had worked with an agency before as a client not as of part of one.


Describe my experience working from the developer/owner side.

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I drew parallels to similar roles held with previous employers, despite the fact that I had not previously worked for this type of a firm. Less

Availability to travel 20% 30% 40% or more?

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30% available to travel.

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