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Engineering Interview Questions in India


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Gave a Situation of a Fire Burning in company. 3 Options : a) Run out of the company b) Save other People c ) Call fire Service

26 Answers

Answer was : Follow the evacuation procedure (Run out of the comany)

call fire service and save the people

Save other People & Call fire Servic

Why should we hire you?

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what are the google products

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1000bulbs to be shipped. Should all be tested or not

7 Answers

questions asked from major project and some personal questions

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About projects

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1. Circuits and waveforms of rectifiers in power electronics

5 Answers

What is 99-9+67+87-671+78235-887+999-12+87

3 Answers

Delete the third last element in a singly linked list without using extra pointers..

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About the previous experience.

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