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Foreign Teacher was asked...18 November 2016

Why do you want to be a teacher in china?

4 Answers

I went to china in the past and I liked it. China is a wonderful place for foreigners. Less

China is a good and developmental country. I love it when I share my knowledge with others, plus I love young children so I would be glad if given an opportunity to work with them Less

China is Avery developmental country, plus I would love to work with the kids and share them because I love teaching as a job Less

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Wall Street English China

Just general teacher questions. They want to know if you can explain grammar without using metalanguage. They will ask you a lot about CCQs. They will ask you something like, how do you teach the difference between present continuous and present simple.

2 Answers

Just imagine you are teaching a class and answer as best you can. "I eat apples" "Am I eating an apple now/at this moment?" Less

Am I eating an apple now

Department of Trade and Industry Philippines

How does a typical commercial diplomat spends his day?

2 Answers

Typically reading the business section of the newspaper, going over papers, etc.

Parks his car anyplace he wants

i2 Education

Elaborate on learning styles and how they play a key role in managing young ESL learners.

2 Answers

Reference'd AVK balance in class as an effective management tool when paired with a variety of difference activities. Less

Learning Styles are nowadays some of the most important aspects to be considered by teachers in the teaching learning process . learners learn in different ways: analyticaly, sequencialy,globaly,visualy,auditory way,etc .Some are more dependent than others .Teachers should know each of his/her pupil' styles of learning to avoid conflicts in class which could affect the correct development of it Less

Who is the chairman of our committee?

1 Answers

You should know the leadership of the committee you are applying to

To mention a successful situation in my previous career.

1 Answers

I explained how I achieved a challenge during working in the sales, to retain one of the biggest multinational co. that I was selling to them raw chemicals in the detergent market. Less

GWK Travelex

Why do you want to work for them?

1 Answers

I was returning to work and looking for a part time role and had experience in that field. Less

Giving the demo with no prep time was a bit scary but if you are an experienced ESL teacher, not just some back-packer, you will get high marks as I did with the owner and head teacher observing.

1 Answers

Know your "stuff".

Guangzhou Worlda Cultural & Educational Consulting Services

Do you have a Chinese girlfriend?

1 Answers

No, no I don't.

Spartanburg District 5 Schools

I had to explain my teaching style and share how I felt it would benefit the students overall.

1 Answers

I taught from an aspect where I met individual students where they are in the learning process. Less

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