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Senior Front End Developer was asked...14 July 2017

What are your greatest technical strengths?

8 Answers


Social media experience

I am technically sound in using R script for R programming language, base SAS, SAS analytics and Advanced SAS. Less

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In your opinion, what is our company's single most important metric?

7 Answers

Reservations per day I guess

It's always revenue my man/woman

"It's always revenue my man/woman." I hope you understand how irrelevant you observation is in the context of this position. So no, it's not "always revenue." Less

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PE International

"If you were stranded on a desert island, what three development tools would you bring with you?"

5 Answers

This ridiculous, senseless question was the first one asked. It set the tone for what was to follow. Less

IDE, Build Tools, Version Control!

Git, Codio, and Netflix

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Given an array where each entry can be another array, and so forth, flatten the array. [4, [3, 6, [9, 1, 9, [5, 1]]], 8] -> [4, 3, 6, 9, 1, 9, 5, 1, 8]

5 Answers

Assuming that we are solving this in Java, I am treating an array as an array list // Use Hash Set to prevent infinite loops HashSet hs = new HashSet(); ArrayList flatten_list(ArrayList arr, HashSet hs) { ArrayList result = new ArrayList; int len = arr.size(); if(len < 1) return result; // Empty List. for(int i = 0 ; i Less

function serialize(a, start){ if(start >= a.length) return a; if(Array.isArray(a[start])) return serialize([...a.slice(0,start),...a[start], ...a.slice(start+1,a.length)], start+1); return serialize(a, start+1); } Less

const flatten = array = > { return array.reduce((elem, acc) = > { return elem.concat(Array.isArray(acc) ? flatten(acc) : acc) }, []) } Less

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Bloomberg L.P.

What is a JavaScript callback function?

5 Answers

A callback function is a piece of JavaScript code that executes after the main function that the callback is attached to executes successfully. Less

udaykanth, I would say that a .forEach() would be the most common and most basic use of a callback function. I'm just writing this to help anyone that might have a hard time thinking up a quick example if the come across this question themselves. Example: var numArray = [ 1, 2, 3 ] ; numArray.forEach( function( i ) { console.log( arr[ i - 1 ] ) } ) ; // logs out // 1 // 2 // 3 Less

Is there a front end role at bloomberg. I guess your position must have been labelled software dev right? altho ur a dront end dev Less

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1. To add an HTTP request to the search engine, then log a result depending on the# of pages and requirements. 2. Use DP to implement a Knapsack-like problem. Restrictions on time complexity. 3. Implement a to-do list's delete method on website.

5 Answers

To X: Get rejected

Did they request to do a background screening on you before rejecting?


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Design a data structure to store sparse 2D matrix which contains only 0 or 1. then write function to add 2 such matrix.

4 Answers

use run-length encoding.

store each row as a decimal for ex: if the row is 1011 -> store it as 13!

Since all values are mod 2 you can pack 64 entries together into on int64_t. You can then add two matrices by XORing each entry. Less

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How many characters in the front of a string would need to be added in order to make it a palindrome.

4 Answers

Here's a python solution: def min_add_for_pal(word): drow = word[::-1] # Reverse string if drow == word: return 0 for shift in range(len(word)): if word[:-shift] == drow[shift:]: return shift return None # Shouldn't reach here Less

A better asnwer is to do it in-place with pointers. O(N) speed and O(N) space. function checkPalindrome(i, input){ var leftPointer = 0; var rightPointer = 0; if(i===0){ //base case of single char return true; } var odd = (i+1)%2; //we know it's not 0 if(odd){ leftPointer = i/2; //not 0 rightPointer = i/2; //not 0 while(input[leftPointer] === input[rightPointer] && leftPointer > 0 && rightPointer 0 && rightPointer < input.length){ leftPointer = leftPointer - 1; rightPointer = rightPointer + 1; } } if(input[leftPointer] === input[rightPointer] && leftPointer === 0){ return true; }else{ return false; } } var improvedMinPalindromeAddition = function(input){ var inputArray = input.split(""); //max string size is greater then max array size(4.29 billion elements)..we could also do it inline w/string manipulation var largestPalindrome = 0; for(var i=0;i Less

function isPallindrom(str) { if (!str) return; let start = 0; let end = str.length -1; while (start start) {, end)) if (isPallindrom(str.substring(0, end))) { return count; } else { count++; } end--; } return count; } Less

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Describe some of the differences between HTML5 and HTML4.

4 Answers

HTML5 has newer elements such as section, article, aside etc... which cause validation errors and are unsupported in legacy browsers. There are other things like deprecated tags etc. No, they are not the same. Less

I am new to developing, so html5 is all I know.

Question? If you interviewed in January of 2015; why did you wait a year and 8 months to post negative feedback about interviewing with SteadyRain? Less

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Animate a given element using JS across any given time frame

4 Answers

Apply padding to the element inside a call to setInterval

hey there, i have my interview in a week. really confused by this question. both the question and answer. "Animate a given element using JS across any given time frame" do you mean take the animation interval as an input? "Apply padding to the element inside a call to setInterval" what is the significance of applying padding to answer this question? feel so lost :() thanks Less

no, there wasn't a specification of parameters. it was open ended (though my wording isn't exact). adding padding to the HTML element over time would make it appear to move across the screen/animate Less

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