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Concate two strings in such a way that 1st letter of 1st string should b placed together and 2nd to 2nd and so on until you reach null

7 Answers

I don't get your question. Can you please elaborate ?

For example u have 2 strings say 2.sort Now merge 2 strings such that the answer should b like this.. Output:rseoardt

hii can you please tell what are the 2 coding quetions asked and how should i prepare for the first round

what is the angle between the hour hand and minute hand in between 2:20

9 Answers

what is best thing about you

6 Answers

You have a machine that can create anything. You just have to specify the details, and voila, it will give you the output. Design test cases for such a machine

4 Answers

Use 12V supply to provide 2V supply

5 Answers

How many layers are there in OSI

4 Answers

Asked me to find the occurrence of a small string in a large string.

4 Answers

Write a program in C to add two numbers without using any maths operator (+, -, /, *).

4 Answers

Did you bring your resume with you?

4 Answers

how to count the instances of a class?

3 Answers
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