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As a laboratory technician, you will need strong organisational skills and an adequate knowledge of chemistry in order to collect samples, perform tests and analyse data. Expect to be quizzed about your knowledge of basic scientific concepts as well as your experience of handling lab equipment and conducting tests. Although not mandatory, many labs require that you have an associate degree [achieved through a one-year higher education course such as HNC level 4] or higher.

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Top Lab Technician Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top lab technician interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What characteristics do you think a successful lab technician should possess?

How to answer: Typically, an interviewer is looking for a candidate with excellent organisational skills, analytical skills and attention to detail. In addition to these qualities, you should note any characteristics mentioned explicitly in the employer's job description. Relate a personal anecdote that shows how you have put these skills to use in the workplace.

Question No. 2: How do you ensure that you and your colleagues are working in a safe environment?

How to answer: Every lab has safety protocols that technicians must follow to ensure personal safety and lab integrity. Assure the interviewer that you will review the lab's safety manual at the start of the working day and that you will arrive at the lab properly dressed. Emphasise the fact that you understand the importance of communication with your colleagues when placing and labelling samples correctly. Let the interviewer know that you plan to ensure that your workspace is clean and organised at the end of the working day.

Question No. 3: Explain your methods for testing samples.

How to answer: This question allows you to demonstrate your experience with various lab equipment and testing methods. Provide specific examples of tests you have performed while emphasising your communication skills, documentation skills and your ability to work with your fellow technicians. You also want to assure the interviewer that you intend to stay up to date with scientific and technical developments relevant to the company that you are interviewing with.

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Rush University Medical Center
Lab/Research Technician III was asked...21 September 2023

What research projects have you worked on in the past

Rush University Medical Center

What is your experience working with IHC processes

Boehringer Ingelheim

do you own any avian pets

1 Answers


Washington Department of Health

Are you familiar with working in a chemical hood?


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

ABS Global

Tell me a bit about your background and your knowledge base.

If you had a homeowner bring in a water sample for analysis, but it's at the very end of the day for sample revival, what would you do?

1 Answers

Sample revival depends on factors like the container the sample was received in, water source, the type of analysis requested, the time interval between sample collection and revival, etc. Assuming the homeowner submits the sample with no issues, I would accept it. If it's submitted with an issue, I would reject it and inform the homeowner on acceptance criteria for samples. Less


If a lug nut came off one of your wheels what would you do?

1 Answers

Use lug nuts from other wheels.


My biggest strength and weakness


Got a call. Answered. Talked for 30 minutes. Just trying to reach the pay count so I can see something.

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