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Chemical Laboratory Technologist was asked...22 January 2019

Where do you expect to be in 5 years?

5 Answers

Think about how your goals fit with the job description. ... Thanks

how your goals fit with the job description. ... Reflect on your interests and how they might evolve in this role Less

Have a job I enjoy and that I feel my unique skills and personality add value to

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Kaiser Permanente

Give me one example from your past employment history where unusual events created interpersonal conflict and/or impaired customer service (i.e. patient and/or physician), including how you solved these multiple problems, and what was the final outcome.

4 Answers

i believe that there's no such conflict things that will occur if you passions on what you are doing. As a proactive person you can instantly think of best solution. Less

Once I was doing procedure ( Echo study of adult very obese patient ) but the resolution was too bad. We solved the problem by changing high frequency transducer to low frequency transducer. Less

i believe that there's no such conflict things that will occur if you passions on what you are doing. As a proactive person you can instantly think of best solution. Less

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Stratos Genomics

Do you really 'want' to work 55 hours each week?

4 Answers

No, this doesn't allow for a good work-life balance.

Yes. To do this caliber of work, yes.

He made it abundantly clear that this was not a ramp-up schedule, and that 55 hours/week was what was expected year round. Again, the position was offering only 34k/year for 55 hours/week and a M.S. in Chemistry in downtown Seattle. The only reason I applied in the first place was because at the time I applied, they did not include the actual compensation package, they just said 'competitive salary', which obviously is a lie. I'm sure they're just trying to sucker in those already living in Seattle and recent graduates from University of Washington, hoping they're desperate. It's unfortunate that the company is doing this, but I wouldn't want to work for them, especially not after the CEO began boasting about his history of firing people. That was as unprofessional as it gets. It's never appropriate to talk about your history of firing people at any point to employees, but during an interview, I was actually disgusted that this was upper management doing something so blatantly unprofessional, and felt good for ending the interview (for the first time ever). I'd have perhaps waved it off, except that I could tell he was being serious. As a result of this, even if I had a different supervisor at this company, I'd be looking for a job elsewhere due to the fact that company politics are always top-down. I still recall that hint from one of the other people working there. "You don't work here for the money". The problem with that, is that most people work exclusively for the money. And $34k/year is barely enough to live on in Seattle. I was expecting at least $40k (if it was just 40 hours/week), but for 55 hours/week, I'd have expected closer to 50k starting. A friend of mine, also a M.S. in Chemistry, is earning about 44-48k/year right now, and is only working 40 hours/week, with the occasional couple hours here and there due to ramp up schedules, but it's not regular. Long story short, don't sell yourself short, or cheap because companies will take advantage of it. This company, sadly, seems to be less reputable in that respect. Look elsewhere. Less

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Nason Medical Center

What type of instruments have you used?

3 Answers

I gave a brief explanation of the instruments I have used in the various lab settings I have worked. Less

Analytical balance, volumetric pipette, burette, spectrometer, bunsen burner, fume hood Less

Analytical balance, volumetric pipette, burette, spectrometer, bunsen burner, fume hood Less

McGill University Health Centre

Tell me about yourself

3 Answers

I am Pathologist technicians perform laboratory tests on body tissues, cells and fluids to help pathologists arrive at diagnoses. Keep reading to learn about the education, skills, salary and employment outlook for this career and to see if it's the right one for me, According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), jobs for chemical technicians will grow by 2% from 2014 to 2024, while jobs for biological technicians are expected to grow by 5% during this period. Additionally, the agency predicts 27% job growth for forensic science technicians and 18% growth for medical and clinical laboratory technicians between 2014 and 2024. In 2015, the median annual wage was $44,660 for chemical technicians, $41,650 for biological technicians, $56,320 for forensic science technicians and $38,970 for medical and clinical laboratory technicians. Less

With associate or bachelor's degrees in public health, environmental science or environmental health, these technicians complete field and lab testing to track changes in the environment and explore the causes of pollution, under the guidance of environmental specialists and scientists. The BLS predicts faster-than-average job growth of 9% from 2014 to 2024. In 2015, the BLS noted a median wage of $43,030 per year for this profession. Less

I am working in Pathology Department Since August, 1997

Physicians Choice Laboratory Services

What is Chromatography? Mass Spectrometry?

2 Answers

You should know this stuff if you're applying for the position. Chromatography separates the sample into it's components based on some property like polarity, size, or chirality of the components. Mass Spec energizes the eluting compounds through electron impact at 70eV, and those compounds will fragment upon relaxation, and each of those fragments has a mass and a charge associated with it, the spectrum of fragments based on the ratio of mass to charge is analyzed by comparing relative abundance of each fragment size. Less

If you don't mind me asking, what position did you apply for?

MRC Harwell Institute

What does the P stand for in SDS-PAGE

2 Answers


Protein (wrong!)


How would your friends describe you ?

2 Answers

Passionate about what I do, and helpful

I enjoy volunteering and helping wherever i can


What was your greatest contribution to your previous employer?

2 Answers

My availability for the on call demands of the and position.

My availability for the on call demands of the position and knowledge of the job to be efficient in paying attention to the details of the job Less

IDEXX Laboratories

I was asked the basic process of O&P sample from start to finish.

2 Answers

How you proceed depends on the accepted procedure in the lab. One accepted procedure is as follows: fecal specimen should be placed in 10% formalin to preserve morphology; to concentrate use formalin ethyl acetate sedimentation or zinc sulfate flotation. The specimen is then stained with iodine and examined under a microscope. Less

Process sample, build sample, mix samples, centrifuge sample for 5 mins on 1500 rpm, float sample for 10 mins, read sample then release. Less

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