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Transit Employees Federal Credit Union
Loan Officer was asked...1 August 2012

CEO stated that all employees get the "TEFCU spill" and was required to adhere to it. Which is the vision of the credit union and employees need to do their part to bring the vision to fruition. There is a false preception that it is a family oriented company however employees are required to work late hours (10 hours daily) Monday - Friday and 4 hours on Saturday and there is no excuse not to.

4 Answers

I have family obligations, but I will be a team player and do my part on special promotions/projects. Less

You are correct. Working for TEFCU means you will work 10 hours a day minimum. The CEO does not like it when people ask for work/life balance. Less

TEFCU is definitely NOT family oriented. If you call out sick because your child is sick, they ask for proof and medical records. Less

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Wells Fargo

What would your first 30 days look like for you in this position?

3 Answers

I would like to understand the details of project and flow of project.

Really good lessons to get into top tech companies:

Be ready to cover the marketing activities you would need to complete on a daily/weekly basis to generate loan volume. Less

Wells Fargo

Why do you want to work for Wells Fargo

2 Answers

Yes they did. You will be required to give thme units and amount funded. A recent pay stub and last year's W2 Less

Did a recruiter or managers ask about production volume, documented transactions of funded loans? Less

Land Bank of the Philippines

What are my achievements in college?

1 Answers

I mentioned that I was a student leader and I can be a team player

Wells Fargo

My past experience and how comfortable I am to work in the group of youngsters. I fared well in the interview and the interviewers took decision to hire my services upfront.

2 Answers

I have no ego problems at all and I am quite adaptable and flexible. Hence I have affirmatively and confidently attended the interview. Less

I have 2 year experience in us mortgage

Sovereign Lending Group

How many loans can you submit in a month?

2 Answers

As many as you can fund.

As many as I can

Bank of America

Why do you want to work for Bank of America

2 Answers

I was interested in working for a bank that is moving forward.

Good experience

Mr. Cooper

Strengths and Weaknesses? If you have any experience in lending/mortgages

2 Answers


I have an experience in lending and mortgages

East Boston Savings Bank

What did you study in college that is relevant to this role?

2 Answers

Bachelor’s in mathematics. I would like to operate in this position.

I studied business, which I think is crucial in business lending industry. Ability to understand the customer business helps to provide a need base solutions. Less

Sierra Pacific Mortgage

What do I like to drink?

2 Answers

Vodka and Soda

I like to drink Coca Cola!

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