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As a medical coder, you will be responsible for processing patient data and recording corresponding medical codes. Employers are therefore looking for candidates who can perform repetitive clerical tasks without any errors. You may be asked to take a medical coding test to evaluate your ability to pay close attention to minor details and perform tasks meticulously. Your interviewer may also enquire about your experience working in different medical coding languages such as ICD-9 and ICD-10.

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Top Medical Coder Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top medical coder interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: A client is upset because the individual's insurance information is incorrect. How would you handle this situation?

How to answer: This behavioural interview question is used to assess your problem-solving, communication, conflict-resolution and customer service skills. Describe the steps you would take to handle this situation. Describe using your active listening skills, empathy and verbal communication. Explain how you would relay the problem to your supervisor, make a formal apology to the client and work with the insurance company to correct the error promptly.

Question No. 2: Can you please describe the relevant experience you would bring to a medical coder position?

How to answer: An interviewer is trying to understand whether you have received medical coding education and training. Use your answer to showcase your experience that meets the job requirements, such as a year of ICD-10 training and four years of experience in medical coding.

Question No. 3: Which of your personal qualities do you believe make you best suited for a medical coder position?

How to answer: Soft skills, such as dedication to serving others, accuracy and communication, are essential for success as a medical coder. With this question, the hiring manager is trying to determine whether you have the professional personality for the job. Describe each of your job-relevant personal qualities, using your work experience to showcase them. For example, you can describe how you double-check each patient record, avoid careless coding errors and provide detailed information to others who access medical records.

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Medical Coder was asked...2 April 2017

What is pyrexia

10 Answers




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People Prime Worldwide

Are you happy to work with us

8 Answers




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Omega Healthcare

How long do you be with us

5 Answers

Sir , i will work until our company requires my Serivce and satisfied with my work Less

I will not giving fake promise I will ensure that I can satisfy yours need in working and I will work in tough situations Less

Untill company says to resign ..

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Omega Healthcare

what is meant by Epitaxis, and what is ICD 10 CM.

5 Answers

Icd code bihard this is not correct way

epistaxis-nose bleeding ICD-10Cm-international classification disease-10 clinical modification Less

Nose bleedings

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What is meant by cholelithiasis

4 Answers

Stone in the gall bladder

formation of stone in the gall bladder

Stone in gallbladder

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GeBBS Healthcare Solutions

which part of the body describes blowout fracture?

3 Answers

brain and eye

Brain and eyes

Blow fravtire occur in Rib

Omega Healthcare

Human anatomy

3 Answers

Study of structure of the body system and their location.

structure of the body relatioship of various part

study of

Omega Healthcare

Do you think you are over qualified for this job?

3 Answers




MiraMed Ajuba.

Parts of small intestine Calcaneous means Bones in pelvic region Cell death in the body mean Paraplegia Medical terms of long and short sight Proctoscope

3 Answers

Dueodinum Jijunam Illium


Can you tell other way to apply medical coding job because I try to apply through website its not working Less


What are the types of Diabetes? Name a few respiratory diseases.

3 Answers

2 type of diabetes Respiratory disease - Asthma, lung cancer, chronic bronchitis,COPD, Less

Type 1 , type 2,Gestational diabets Asthma Chronic bronchitis Lung cancer Pneumonia Less

Respiratory disease - Ashtama Lung Cancer Chronic bronchitis COPD

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