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Orange County School District
Math Teacher - Middle School was asked...6 July 2009

How would you handle it if you had a group of kids in line outside your classroom waiting to get to the next period and they were yelling and cursing and acting out (middle school in troubled neighborhood)?

3 Answers

I would tell them to please be respectful to their peers. Since I stand at the classroom door to welcome students as they enter the room, I would also remind them that their warm-up activity is on the board. Less

I’d tell those student in what light others see them whenever they start yelling, cursing, and/or acting out. If they ever want anyone to take themselves seriously, acting out, yelling, and cursing isn’t the way. Some will argue that they don’t care of what others think out them, but the problem is that they do care or else those specific students would be one of the most silent within the classroom. Less

I said that I would handle it in accordance with the policies of the school. I fumbled the question - I do not have any in class teaching experience. I did emphasize that I would try to show the kids respect and not let the situation get to that point. They were waiting for a 'magic' answer that I did not know and eventually I stopped riffing and we went to the next question. Less

Portland Public Schools

What is your experience working with diverse populations?

3 Answers

Excellent answer, but diversity also includes gender roles, LGTBQ, homelessness, autocratic home lives, "bizarre" dress, piercings and tatoos, political leanings, and other types of discrimination. Be AWARD OF, INFORMED ABOUT, and sensitive and accepting of all kinds of people. As a classroom guest teacher, the hardest thing has been to skillfully avoid using the wrong pronoun or assume the gender of a person. Devastating damage to the student. Do include this in your answers. Less

What types of experiences do you have teaching or instructing various types of individuals? Less

Throughout my clinical placement, I was working with a very diverse classroom population. Not only did I work effectively with students from many ethnic and cultural backgrounds, but those students also have very different family backgrounds and life situations. I learned not to be sympathetic but rather sensitive. Students come from all walks of life, to treat them as if they have some sort of deficit is not the answer. However, to be flexible and design my curriculums that favor my student’s interests, that is a must. Each and every one my students will know that they matter and that they can take those learning risks because my classroom will without a doubt, be a safe place for them. Less

Orange County School District

What would your final grade be (for the year) for a child that scored averages of 18%, 68%, 70% and 72% (high school math)?

2 Answers

That student’s final grade would be and 57%. Of course I’d have to explain to them why because the student averaged 70% and 72% in two separate quarters, but the work separately of those quarters term averages doesn’t count towards the work of the other Less

I said that I would give them a C (70). They liked this answer. The by the book way to score this is to give the kid the average of all 4 quarters - and an F. I said that this would kill the spirit of the kid and the interest to learn. They followed up with "what if there was abuse in the home during Q1? a divorce? homelessness?" and a few others. "Would it matter if the kid was rich and drove to school in the BMW?" Less


How would you help the students who didn't understand the lesson fully develop mastery?

2 Answers

I would reteach the lesson

This wasn't a simple answer - we had a long conversation and really got into the nuts and bolts of creating a lesson to meet the needs of all of the students in a class. Less

Cobb County School District

How would you handle discipline for a student who disrespects a teacher?

2 Answers

It depends on the teacher and what they are teaching. You have to understand students quality and work on them rather than interrupt them again and again in front of whole class. Involve them in different works and trust on them and make your lesson so effective where children can learn with hands on practice. Less

With redirecting the behavior, allowing the student to analyze the behavior, and positive reinforcement. Less

Skyline Education

How do I teach low-level learners?

2 Answers

I keep asking them questions to check their understanding. I pair them with high learning students who have the responsibility to help them as much as they could when working together. I ask them to come after class and discuss what are the problems they have encountered during the class and if they have other personal problems that may distract their attention from learning. Less

I went through how I had worked with students at another school, and I talked about the curriculum that I created for working with low-level readers. Less

Beaconhouse School

How do you make your lessons interesting for students?

3 Answers

We can make our lesson interesting by discover new things do some activities using technologies effective teaching can stem from many different practice and ideas such as attitude toward subject matter implementing different learning styles into lesson Less

By adding activities e.g if the topic is The Picnic so I'll ask the students to arrange a small picnic this will increase the interest of students in studying. Less

Im n english teacher . So w dont have so much tools to make our subject interesting especially in english grammer but obviously its our duty to make it interesting like i m teaching understanding communicate. In the book w have a lesson " not only a doctor" so i took some medicines and n stethoscope nd asked which medicine the will recommend when someone feel headche . They answered me with diffrent suggestions each according to their experiences. nd made some more like this Seriouly studens were excitedly replying me Less

Boone County Schools

Are you willing to keep in contact with parents throughout the school year?

2 Answers

Yes, because I believe it is critical for parents to stay involved with the educational process that their child will experience. Less

As a classroom teacher for many years as well as a parent, I know that the home and school parterships are vital. Less

Would you think 8th grade or 7th grade is the hardest behavior management wise?

1 Answers

7th because hormones and they moved up from being the baby in schools, 6th grade, so their egos are high. Less

Mandell Nursery School

Would you be willing to consider going to graduate school to obtain a Masters degree?

1 Answers

This question does not have a true yes or no answer. If you are willing, discuss what type of advanced degree you are interested in. If you want to say no to higher education let them know that you will still attend numerous professional development opportunities. This question really just wants a basic answer of "I will always want to continue growing." Less

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