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Metro Public Safety and Investigations
Public Safety Officer was asked...8 June 2019

How much experience do you have in Public Safety?

2 Answers

Any amount. Including 0.

3 years current with 6 total

Metro Public Safety and Investigations

Do you have a current Kansas City Guard Card?

2 Answers

Yes or no. Either answer.

Yes unarmed

Metro Public Safety and Investigations

Are you legally able to carry a fire arm

1 Answers


Union Pacific

What changes would you make to the public safety program?

1 Answers

I would suggest more training opportunities for outside Law Enforcement agencies

Baylor Scott & White Health

What makes you different from anyone else that's applying?

1 Answers

My drive and work ethic, my personality, my will to do great things.

University of Portland

How would you follow and promote the mission here at the University of Portland?

1 Answers

This was a basic question but I felt the tone took a very religious path after this question. Less

Fantasy Springs Resort Casino

Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

Explained professional background

DePaul University

Tell me about yourself

1 Answers

Can you indicate how long it took for them to call you after the final interview for the job offer Less

NorthWest Arkansas Community College

They are more concerned with finding certified officers, cause they do not want to send anyone to any training or academy. If you can breath air, show up on time, and are a certified law enforcement officer in the State of Arkansas, you will get the job.

1 Answers

Just showed up and smiled... got hired.

Saint Louis University

Are you willing to work midnight shifts?

1 Answers


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