Senior consultant Interview Questions in India |

Senior consultant Interview Questions in India


senior consultant interview questions shared by candidates

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SAP latest technologies

1 Answer

not tough

questions related to technical skills which candidate would have

2 Answers

Linux related questions, basics, performance tuning,

2 Answers

why you want to join Edoofa

2 Answers

All the questions were easy, like mutli threading, object locks, diff bw method synchronization and synchronization block, collections , spring configuration and weblogic 12 c questions as i had worked on it.

2 Answers

Can one dll contain vb code as well as C# code.

4 Answers

How do you map your existing role, experience to the current requirement.

2 Answers

What are the previous projects that I have done in the former company

2 Answers

How to provide end to end integration solution

3 Answers

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The interview was purely technical on OO Perl. The questions were: what is map ? what is grep ? etc.. OO Perl implementations etc...

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