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Design a Data Structure SpecialStack that supports all the stack operations like push(), pop(), isEmpty(), isFull() and an additional operation getMin() which should return minimum element from the SpecialStack. All these operations of SpecialStack must be O(1). To implement SpecialStack, you should only use standard Stack data structure and no other data structure like arrays, list, etc.

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Use two stacks: one to store actual stack elements and other as an auxiliary stack to store minimum values. The idea is to do push() and pop() operations in such a way that the top of auxiliary stack is always the minimum.

how it can be in O(1) all these operations

You have to maintain 2 stack. One is where first latest element is being added second is where the top element is the minimum one. While adding the element itself you can sort the stack to find perticular position with the help of a temporary stack(third stack) Below is the code for how can you add element public void push(int n) { mainStack.push(n); if(sortedStack.isEmpty()) { sortedStack.push(n); } else { int topnumber = -1; if(n= sortedStack.peek() && !sortedStack.isEmpty()) { topnumber = sortedStack.pop(); temp.push(topnumber); } sortedStack.push(n); while(!temp.isEmpty()) { topnumber = temp.pop(); sortedStack.push(topnumber); } } } } How to get minimum with O(1) public int getMin() { int n = -1; if(!sortedStack.isEmpty()) { n = sortedStack.pop(); } return n; } This will always return with complexity as O(1)

You've a singly linked list where every node in the list has a field "random" which points to other node in the same list. Write a function to clone this list (create a new copy of the same). Don't use extra space (just the pointer variables are fine).

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Find the longest palindrome in a string

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Questions related to stacks, queues (Eg:Implement a queue using stacks) Trees were heavily asked as well (Print a tree spirally, check if one BT is a mirror of another BT)

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Coin weight puzzle. find out which coin bag is heavy.

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1) Difference in Angular JS 1 and Angular JS 2 2) Impact of Angular JS 2 for Ionic framework. 3) Which version of Angular JS are you using? 4) Which version of Bootstrap are you using? 5) What is the difference between Phongap and Cordova? 6) Given: var a = [1,2, 3]; Ho do you implement : a.sum() returns summation of the values in that array.

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You're converting a string (s1) into another (s2) by changing the characters in s1. You can do add/delete/replace the characters of s1 to get s2. The cost of any of those operation for a character is 1. Find the minimum cost to convert s1 into s2. Write program and test cases for the same. For example: Convert "Hi" into "Hey". This would require minimum two cost. 1. Replace 'i' with 'e' in s1 2. Add 'y' to s1. Now we've s2.

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It was easy interview, just be confident

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3. A question based on linked lists, which I don't exactly remember. But it was related to detecting the presence of a cycle in the linked list. I was able to do it easily though.

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Find the number present in first array but not in second array?

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