Supply chain manager Interview Questions in India

As a supply chain manager, you are responsible for ensuring that the products of a company will move from formulation to the consumer at peak efficiency. In an interview for this role, you will be expected to demonstrate your competence in working with suppliers, supply chain software expertise and leadership skills.

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Top Supply Chain Manager Interview Questions & How to Answer

Here are the three top supply chain manager interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What do you aim to accomplish as a supply chain manager?

How to answer: This question seeks to assess your attitude towards work and business. Instead of talking about your personal goals, you should focus on the achievements of the company. For instance, your goal may be to reduce the company's overall logistics cost by 10% or increase delivery speed by 5%.

Question No. 2: Do you know how to use supply chain management software such as SAP MM and SAP Plant maintenance?

How to answer: If you have experience of using supply chain software, you should explain the various modules in the package and how they have helped you manage the supply chain and logistics more efficiently. If not, you can tell the hiring manager that you are able to learn new software quickly.

Question No. 3: How do you prepare for the holiday season?

How to answer: You will want to convince the interviewer that you are able to handle a large influx of sales within a short time frame. You can say that you will review the sales from past holiday seasons, order more materials and supplies for high-demand items and get the transportation teams ready to handle increased shipment and delivery volumes.

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Supply Chain Manager was asked...22 March 2023

Can you explain your current role to me?


A lot of questions were based around the 14 amazonian principles they kept asking similar questions throughout the day for your consistency on answering them

1 Answers

Quoted like a parrot the principles.


supply chain related experience and introduction

Teva Pharmaceuticals

Again, all pretty typical. Mostly asked about my previous experience and why I wanted to work there.

Beam Suntory

Describe a time you faced with a difficult decision.


que savez vous de notre entreprise


How would you build relationships with suppliers here and abroad? Talk about your accounting experience. Suggest solutions for process improvements.

The Coca-Cola Company

If I have feel comfortable in an inclusive environment and of course say yes.

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That I have any problem, even more that I like to have a representation of the market in my team Less


Given that your profile is core technical oriented, how can you be a resource for this supply chain management role?

Green Monday

The interviewer said: I don't know why you have such confidence that you are capable of this role. I don't expect you learn to work. I don't think you are capable to pick up the stuff here. If you request for half of your expected salary, I could try to start considering you. And don't you think your previous job in XXX is a waste of time if you really want to continue your career development in supply chain? Do you think you have downgrades yourself from a manager to AM in previous company?

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