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Technical lead Interview Questions in India


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What are your weekensses?

8 Answers

I am very talkative and a poor listener.

i would like to do only interested subjects , once i get interest in the subject, i never leave, but its difficult to do which i am not intersted : thats my weakness.

Ever never I loose my temper when anybody cheat me acoording to work

why you want to join here?

6 Answers

They wanted to know if I was familiar with the entire procurement process and if I could bring more systematic procedure to their procurement process.

8 Answers

1000bulbs to be shipped. Should all be tested or not

7 Answers

what are your hobbies?

4 Answers

Are you ready joing in chennai location

4 Answers

Most difficult question is of Salary expectations.

3 Answers

Input is a string like "AAAAABBCCAA" and it should print "5A2B2C2A". 5 being the continuous number of occurance for character 'A'. Same is with other characters also.

3 Answers

The maximum size of the java string?

2 Answers

Trimming of strings

3 Answers
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