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Manager, Information Technology was asked...17 April 2013

Why are manhole covers round?

11 Answers

A round cover won't fall into a round hole.

Harder to fall in the hole itself. Vs a square or rectangle cover

Hard to put a round cover on the wrong way. Only 1 way to put it on, even if upside down Less

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Are you ready to stand the work pressure ?

10 Answers

I missed work pressure.


Any other questions. Only pressure

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Goldman Sachs

An analytical question about: Say you have ten stacks of coins with ten coins in each stack, each coin weighing 1g. However, one of the stacks has 2g coins instead of 1g coins. If you have a weighing scale and can only make one measurement, how do you determine which stack of coins weighs 2g each coin?

6 Answers

It's simple. Take 1 coin from the first stack, 2 coins from the second, 3 from the thirds - you see where this is going - finally 10 from tenth stack. put them on weighing scale. If in result you get 56 - it was first stack, 57 - second.... 65 - tenth stack. Less

1-If all the coins are made from the same material and same diameter, then the heavier coin stack should be slightly taller. 2- Weight all the stacks at once, and remove each stack until you see a dip in the tota weight . Less

I didn't quite understand what you meant. So there are 10 coins, 9 weigh 1 gram, and one weighs 2 grams? The second sentence seems contradictory. If you can only make one measurement, then you would divide the stacks into two. Place each stack on either scale, and whichever one is heavier contains the 2g coin. Less

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A company has acquired many other companies resulting in multiple transaction and report generating systems and technologies within the main company resulting in a $10 million maintenance bill. As a consultant how would you integrate all the technologies and reduce the maintenance costs.

5 Answers

Tech interview frameworks are pretty simple as they are few in number. For this question I applied the implementation strategy framework which turned out to be right. But please do not jump to a conclusion right away. I had to ask many questions and I eventually managed to whittle down the problem to that of an effective and common data management solution where the interviewer offered me multiple choices and I decided to go with the ERP system. And then she asked me how I would go about installing it in multiple offices across the world and in a given time frame etc....It was pretty straightforward from that. The important takeaway is frameworks are important but do not be bound by them. And they do not look for a right or wrong answer from you, but instead study your thought process and your approach to problems you have no idea about...Hope this helped. Best of luck!! Less

What other frameworks are there in tech interviews?

What framework did you use in this case? I'm pretty new to case interview, and feel the frameworks are mostly about profit or market. How to use them in tech case interview? Thank you!! Less

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Spark Acquisitions

Do you like working for a company where you can grow quickly?

5 Answers


This is a response to the previous review made about the first and second interview this applicant made our Firm. My name is Jamal, I am the office manager at Sparks Acquisitions. The interview process in which we choose to use is specifically chosen with a process that is best suited for the job position we are looking to hire for. Any professional recruiter or hiring manager would understand that a unique recruitment process is necessary in choosing the right candidate best fitted for the organization. Our website does specify that we are direct marketing firm that specializes in business to business and business to customer. When we rephrase what we have posted online, is not to fool you but to help you get a better understanding. I apologize for the misunderstanding, there may have been a communication issue with the both of us. I hope that you do find what you are looking for in your job search, and wish you the best in your endeavours. For anyone who would like a better understanding about our organization you may find us online at our website as well as Facebook, LinkedIn, as well as Instagram. Less

You are kidding right Jamal, at no point during an interview does your company actually admit you are door to door salesman of water purification units. It is a shame that you are able to hire any people and allowed to operate what you do. Your company is an embarrassment to any real company trying to make a start in Toronto. Do not pretend like you are totally upfront about what you do as a company. $15 an hour in the ad, and then you tell people it is commission based, I hope no one was stupid enough to join your pyramid scheme company. You are an embarrassment to the business World. I cannot believe this place has people silly enough to join it, Less

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LSG Sky Chefs
IT was asked...3 November 2015

What kind of experience do you have in IT?

5 Answers

I think your answer is great! I touched wrong - button .sorry!

I have worked there before throw a staffing agency called Wolono

I have worked with the company I work for staffing agency called Wolono

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World Food Programme

Describe the ITIL lifecycle

5 Answers

The five publications are: ITIL Service Strategy ITIL Service Design ITIL Service Transition ITIL Service Operation ITIL Continual Service Improvement Less

The five publications are: ITIL Service Strategy ITIL Service Design ITIL Service Transition ITIL Service Operation ITIL Continual Service Improvement Less

what were some of the questions asked during the online assessment test?

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PT Freeport Indonesia
IT was asked...1 June 2019

Are you ready to be placed anywhere, in the PT Freeport Indonesia area?

4 Answers

Yes, I am ready to be placed anywhere

Yes am ready


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King's College London

Describe a situation were you had to work individually on a project?

4 Answers

Didn't think I would get an answer, so many thanks for that!

Hi, I know it's been a while but i was if anyone had any further information on the interview? Less

What other questions did they ask? Also, was there a presentation you had to do?

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Tata Communications

Most difficult question is of Salary expectations.

3 Answers

We can never get what we want.


Its depends on company norms also consider my experience and knowledge if meet the market criteria i can go with that Less

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