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Baker Hughes
ASPIRE Leadership Development Program: Sales & Commercial Track was asked...6 April 2019

Why do you want to work for Baker Hughes

3 Answers

Hello, did your application status change? Mine is “We are considering you for this position” and it has been a month since it changed to that but I’ve received no responses from them yet. My video interview was conducted on Feb 13th 2019 Less

I’m also in the same situation

Did you get any respond from Bake Hughes now?

Norfolk Southern

Do you have a CDL license?

2 Answers


What do you do when u go to Georgia your first week

Fidelity Investments

Write a SQL statement to retrieve all users and their info from the database where the last name starts with 'A'

1 Answers

I said something along these lines SELECT * FROM Users WHERE last_name LIKE 'A%' Less

BNSF Railway

What is the most difficult situation you've ever encountered in your worklife?

2 Answers

Since you are a student did they work around your school schedule when flying you down?? I'm asking because 2 of my professors are strict and I get knocked down a letter grade if I miss even one class. Less

Was there a hair drug test?

General Motors (GM)

Can your cost of debt ever be greater than your cost of equity?

2 Answers

Disclaimer: The interviewer didn't like my answer. Technically your cost of debt can't be higher than your cost of equity because equity takes on more risk in case of bankruptcy because it falls in the back of the line. However, if you are too highly leveraged then your cost of debt would get pushed really high because of lower credit rankings, frightened suppliers, and other potential bankruptcy costs. This would push your cost of equity higher as well. Therefore, your cost of equity would still be higher than the cost of debt at that point but the increase in both was due to taking on too much debt. I would argue then that the cost of debt was higher than the cost of equity. Less

I think while equity is riskier in the capital structure, the costs of debt and equity also depend on other factors like the credit perception of the company, the captial markets scenario, etc. Imagine a scenario where a company is heavily laden with debt, while stock markets and the economic environment are functioning well. The company will have very high cost of debt, while the cost of equity would be at its normal levels based on how much the market is expected to perform. Thus the cost of debt could be higher than cost of equity Less

General Motors (GM)

Tell me about a time you had to convince someone using data/logic.

2 Answers



Baker Hughes

Lab work (measuring pH, measuring resistance, building two mechanical components with instructions given, and measuring inner diameter of a pipe piece)

2 Answers

How long did it take to hear back after the pre-recorded interview?

What were the individual assessments? Were they numerical, verbal and logical tests? Less


Why do you want to work for Argos?

2 Answers

What questions could I expect for a telephone driving assessment

- Huge national presence (mentioned facts, such as 800+ stores nationwide, 95% of the UK population is within 10 miles of a Argos Store). - Part of the ever-growing Home Retail Group (Habitat, Homebase & Argos). - With strong retail experience and a passion for driving, this role fitted both qualities perfectly. Less


Do you have any issues with traveling? You can be gone for a week or longer at times.

1 Answers

Yes i can travel


There are N number of soccer teams, who must all play against each other in a set amount of time (amount of time is irrelevant). Find a way to schedule their games in such a way that there is equal amount of time between games for each team, i.e. all teams get same amount of rest between each game.

1 Answers

Didn't get to the answer, but one of the things to remember is that it's nearly impossible to do this with a small number of teams. Less

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