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FDM Group
IT Developer was asked...9 December 2010

How many unique handshakes if each person in a group of 10 give handshakes out to each and every other individual. (a) 100 (b) 50 (c) 45 (d) 20 (e) 10

6 Answers

true, or 9+8+7+...+2+1

None of those answers are correct. The follow-up question should be are we assuming that each person is only using 1 hand? For example, if everyone is only giving handshakes left to left, or left to right or right to right or right to left? Granted left to right and right to left would be awkward. Less

45. Imagine it as a polygon of side 10. Or draw out triangle, square, pentagon, and see the pattern yourself, if you don't know the algorithm. Less

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Asseco Group

Are you willing to stay in our company for later periods or were you planning on staying temporarily, for just a couple of months?

3 Answers

I'm willing to stay as long as I earn some experience from this work and contribute to your company. I have the planned Master studies in Utrecht, Netherlands, though, so I plan to stop by internship a bit earlier so I can continue my further "upgrade". Less

I am willing to stay as long. I want to long term planning to join company and settle in Belgrade. Less

Im willing to stay for later period

FDM Group

Bob can make a cigar from 5 used butts of old cigars. If he has 25 cigar butts, how many cigars can he smoke?

2 Answers

6. Makes 5, smokes them, makes 1 more with the remainder.

Also, Bob definitely has cancer now


Test was not that much hard as i was expecting here are some of questions i managed to remember: null pointer exception occurs because of? multiple written codes question for operators logic used in c? CAD, CASE,? Array is contiguous series of sames element? a pointer refer to? part of sector in magnet disk. can a function return more than one value? defult return type of a function is what if not defined a return type? val1 = 2, val2 = 5, val1 > val5? what would be return type. 1, 0, true, false? is a example of heiraricale data structure? tree, linked list, array which of the following is not used in java? char, string, float int, float, double, long all these type can automaticaly promoted to? long, double, float, int, sting after installing sql default database created are? master, model, schema or both a& b datastructers is a property of many forms? polymorphism, inheritence, abtraction, data hiding when you explicitly change data type it is called? overloading, cast, overriding requirement team are supposed to be the? the first users of new system, laison of their department, managing of social entities are under? management, hr maintainance cause in more work than the orignal requirements? primitive, perfective, can we use select and update together? yes if you are using nested query, yes without nested query, no what keyword is used to check what changes have been made in a table? how many primary key constraints can be in one table? int[x] = x[3] cout >> x[3] " variable that does not changes is called? static or const Code logic can also be represented as? pseudocode, structured process english, both a&b, none of these code logic is represented by both strudtured english and pseudocode? true false

3 Answers

What were the interview questions?

I am E.E student it's my 2nd semester but i think , how i will clear the test and how i will be able to do job in practical life?? Because here in engineering they just teach us theory and some little work. On completionof this degree how some one directly can able to do so. Kindly inform me. Thnks Less

Tell us home many questions come in engineering test and is it's such a difficult test yes or no? And question on mcqs type? Less


Describe the technologies you are comfortable with

3 Answers


I’m very excited

I am comfortable with using mobile phones as well as computers and laptops.

Daffodil Software

if given string is like aaaabbbaaccccc then output must be a4b3a2c5

2 Answers

very simple

import java.util.*; public class B { public static void main(String[] args) { Scanner inp= new Scanner(; String str; char ch; int count=0; System.out.println("Enter the string:"); str=inp.nextLine(); while(str.length()>0) { ch=str.charAt(0); int i=0; count=0; while (i < str.length() && str.charAt(i) == ch) { count =count+1; i++; } str = str.substring(count); System.out.println(ch); System.out.println(count); } } } Less


basic SQL questions

2 Answers

a test in about half hour

What is the test about? Is it Multiple choice or query writing?

Daffodil Software

WAP to find sum of first n prime nos. like n=5 then addition would be of 2+3+5+7+11

2 Answers

simple just think once its done

import*; import java.util.*; class test { public static void main(String args[]) { int i=1,x=2,s=0,j; Scanner sc = new Scanner(; int n= sc.nextInt(); while(i<=n) { for(j=2;j Less


You have no real world experience with what this job requires. If presented with an assignment/project with real world demands and deadlines, how will you meet these needs?

2 Answers

This is when you need to bring up specific school projects and assignments that dealt with problems in a similar way. Less

I would take the assignment or project and work on it in smaller, more managable portions which would allow me to complete the assignment within the required timeframe. If the assignment or project could not be completed within the required timeframe, it would be my responsibility to raise the issue to coworkers in order to complete the work as required. Less

Vail Resorts

None. Typical techno-functional questions. Although in retrospect, I was asked my approach/opinion to their 'mini' HCM upgrade and politely disagreed with their questionable methodology. Perhaps this is what warranted their final decision => 'The consensus was that you’re quite a bit more experienced technically than what this job would require and that it’s probably not the best fit at this point in time.'

2 Answers

Bahah y’all were actually contacted I went with 2 months in the dark. Evidently I asked for “too much” $19 was my bottom dollar their offer at the end of it $18, I never knew this. On a side note it was amazing that the girls couldn’t figure out how to run on their speaker to hear what I was saying Waste of time. Less

It took HR ~10 days to give me final decision. After contacting them on Monday following Wednesday onsite interviews, they were supposedly still deciding. Absolute waste of my time. Less

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