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Wardlaw Claims Service
Insurance Adjuster was asked...6 December 2016

How long have you been an adjuster and what area. Wanted to know if I could report in two weeks and what my salary would be. No eal questions other than experience.

1 Answers

10 minutes


Tell me about yourself.

1 Answers

Focused on professional achievements and away from anything personal.

Kentucky Farm Bureau

All I remember is that there was a detailed word problem that described short selling and the question at the end of the three paragraph situation wanted to know which of the multiple choice answers left the subject "naked" in the short sell

1 Answers

If you have to think about the questions youre gonna fail the test. This test was designed for people who dream about numbers in their sleep. Less

Crawford & Company

If I was willing to travel abroad, on a short notice.

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Yes, but provided I was given sufficient notice and details of the assignment. This was to enable me to plan my work and stay abroad accordingly. Less


Tell me about a time when you dealt with a difficult customer? What did you do?

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Tell me about a time when you had to multi-task and meet a deadline. How did you get things done? Less


What do you know about USAA and the position you are applying for?

1 Answers

Where do you see yourself two years from now?

Pilot Catastrophe Services, Inc.

can you climb onto roofs

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E.A. Renfroe & Company

What license did I have. Did I have Xactimate experience.

1 Answers

I provided the State License I have and told them I took a course for Xactimate


What was I looking for in a career?

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I was looking for a place where I could climb the ladder.

Progressive Insurance

Why do you want to work for progressive? What about our company appeals to you? Briefly describe each job you have had and your roles and how they would relate to this position? (One question hard to do in star format in 3 mins) Name a time you have had to gather information from multiple sources to make a decision, what was it and what was the outcome? Name a time you had to make a decision quickly, what was it, the process you used, and the outcome? How do you prioritize your work in your current role? (If you have multiple roles at one job in addition to your main role, hard to give exact scenarios in 3 mins) Describe the jobs you have had in the last 5 years? What were your roles? Why do you want to work in claims? What experience relates to the role? Of the jobs you have had in the last 5 years, what job did you like the most and why? What job did you like the least and why? (Remember star format)

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I was told they want very specific answers/ scenarios. Hard to answer the top question with specific examples of every role you have had and something that happened to describe the role. Less

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