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your strong points as a designer

4 Answers

fast and efficient usage of softwares for design, good presentation skills, good hand sketching, photography, painting skills

Think different

Presentation is secondary,You should think out of box in design skills to get Survived in today's competitive world.

as a designer your main concerns

1 Answer

why are you asking so much money (whatever you ask they will say its huge ),just come here work have some experience , then we will talk (which will never going to happen ).

1 Answer

They asked me to describe my projects at what end do I know the practical aspect of my project, in terms of cost, services planning, and material selection.

1 Answer

Name few kitchen brands in Ahmedabad

1 Answer

One puzzle was , which the interviewer interpreted wrong even on asking him . Correct Puzzle - You are blindfolded , you have 10 coins in front of you , 5 facing heads , 5 facing tails .You have to separate them in 2 groups such that each group has equal number of heads. You can flip a coin (if it was heads , it will become tails and vice versa ).

3 Answers

how can i got job in your groups

1 Answer

Why do you want to work here ?

1 Answer

Why residential project & not commercial?

1 Answer

Why Pinakin Patel Associates?

1 Answer
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