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Inventory Control Supervisor was asked...30 October 2012

How would I change the departmental process to increase efficientcies.

2 Answers

Be more on top of employee's activities and increase employee knowlege of products they are handling. Less

To change the departmental process to increase efficiencies, you can follow these steps: 1. Analyze the current process: Review the current process and identify the areas where there is a scope of improvement. Identify the areas where there is redundancy or any unnecessary steps. Identify the factors that are making the current process less effective and where the bottlenecks are occurring. 2. Define Your goals: Define the objectives you want to achieve by changing the process. It can be reducing the time required for completing the task or reducing the cost. Setting clear goals will help you to identify the areas of the process that need change. 3. Involve Employees: Involve the employees who work on the process and get their feedback. Employees are the best source of information on what works and what does not. By involving them in the change process, they will be more likely to support the new process and will feel valued. 4. Redesign the process: Once you have analyzed the current process, identified the bottlenecks, and obtained feedback from your employees, redesign the process. Focus on the areas where you have the scope of improvement to increase the efficiencies. 5. Implement the new process: Train employees on the new process and provide them with the necessary resources to implement the new process. Implement the process in a phased manner to minimize disruption, and monitor the process closely. 6. Evaluate and Improve: Evaluate the new process and measure its efficiency regularly. Identify the areas where improvements are required and adjust your process accordingly. By following these steps, you can change the departmental process to increase efficiencies. Less


What I expected for compensation

1 Answers

With $35000

WIS International

Are you willing to work overtime? Are you able to work week ends? Can you work both day and night hours?

1 Answers

Yes, yes, and yes.

Best Buy

Name a time you had multiple tasks on your hands and you had to prioritize one over the other

1 Answers

Give a specific example and answer directly

TERRA Staffing Group

It looks like you have some inventory and warehousing experience, how many years?

1 Answers

*motioning to the field on the form where I answered the exact question* "I believe I wrote that right here. 6 years. That is why I am here only to see if you have a supervisory position." Less

WIS International

Will you work for $8.25

1 Answers

Hell no. Was promised $11

WIS International

Willing to work long hours traveling?

1 Answers



What opportunities are you looking for in the future?

1 Answers

Opportunities to show my skill set and knowledge. I am looking for an opportunity to gain some management experience so that I can better my professional and personal future. Less

Best Buy

What do you do if you catch an employee or customer stealing? Even if it's a candy bar? A penny?

1 Answers

Pursue legal action if a customer and instant termination if an employee


In what situation did you show an overcoming of a task that was difficult?

1 Answers

I said: in school I struggled with studying and learning at a fast pace but then got the hand of it and then studied and past the class with an A! Less

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