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Balyasny Asset Management
Investment Professional was asked...12 November 2015

If a company has accounts receivables increasing rapidly, then does that help or hurt cash flow?

2 Answers

It hurts CF generation since the company is not receiving any cash for its sales. Less

It was a struggle for me, but it's obvious that you have to really know your financial accounting here at BAM. I worked thru my thought process and said it depends on other certain things. Less

Goldman Sachs

Why GS?

1 Answers

I made a strong emphasis on the people and culture. It was a good way to mention all the GS people I spoke earlier. It's common for an interviewer to reach out to mentioned colleagues and seek an opinion on the candidate. So, make sure you treat each coffee meeting as actual interview. Less

JPMorgan Chase & Co

What are some of the steps you have made to start in financial services

1 Answers

Got my SIE in college to jump start me on licensing


When was there a time where you had to change your perspective to influence those around you?

1 Answers

I talked about my various leadership roles on campus and how I needed to adapt to the different perspectives on campus to resolve student issues. Less

Charles Schwab

Describe a time when you helped a client through a difficult situation.

1 Answers

When framing your answer, try to describe the situation, describe the behaviors you exhibited, and then close with the outcome. Less

JPMorgan Chase & Co

1. Personality questions 2. Behavioral questions 3. Know about the company and news 4. know about the market and portfolio diversification.

1 Answers

Do a lot of research and be prepared.

Equitable Advisors

Would this position be interesting to you?

1 Answers


Alpine Investors

Tell me about yourself. Strengths/weaknesses

1 Answers

They asked questions that got to the core of what makes me tick both personally and professionally. Less


They basically asked star questions regarding our previous work history. Easy case study about recommending portfolio changes and also a phone role play. It was very easy.

1 Answers

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