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How to pop two viewController at a time

3 Answers

Geting array of pushed view controller and pass it as a para meter to popview controller function

Just use popToRootViewController to go to first view controller

NSArray *array=self.navigationController.viewControllers; [self.navigationController popToViewController:[array objectAtIndex:array.count-2] animated:yes]

Questions were easy,but if you provide right answer the interviewer will argue.

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What is Machintosh?

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What is retain count?

2 Answers

First-round - OOP concepts with a realtime example, auto layout, access specifiers, push notifications, delegates, other basic questions on iOS Second round - implementation of lazy image loading, Autolayout, OOP concepts Third round - This was more learning interview for me. Problem-solving questions, Design architecture. Fourth round - General HR questions.

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The flow of the discussion: 1. What do you do generally on a day to day basis in your current role? 2. What is unowned property 3. Difference between week & unowned 4. What is the difference between Struct & Class 5. Which one among the Struct & Class does the Apple recommend 6. What do you know about protocol & delegates 7. What are the different ways of storing data in iOS 8. What are the Core Data Stacks 9. What do you know about authentication process in any application Programming Question: Given any number, convert it into Binary, and print the number of 1s in it. Write a program to print the following pattern * * ** ** *** *** **** **** **********

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In-depth iOS concepts were tested with real-time examples.

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About salary expectation ?

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2 real-time applications were shown and was asked to come up with the UI logic.

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about your language preference like c, c++, java, php

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