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Delegates, Protocol, blocks, multithreading, GCD, project specific, some behavioural questions etc

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How long it took to release offer ?


What comea under behavioural questiona?

First round : 1. If you have int array, how you will sum of that in objective c? 2. If you have string containing too many html tags, how you will remove that tags from string? Second round : 1. What is apns 2. why we share data on social site 3. what is gps 4. how to get distance between 2 location 5. knowledge in swift 6. what is delegate 7. diff between json and xml 8. what is storyboard 9. which controller has delegate.

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How to pop two viewController at a time

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first questions : 1,3,5,7,11,13,17,19,23,29,..... next element

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1.Some basic Swift Questions. ( I answered Some of them ) 2.One Puzzle ( I did not answer ) 3. One or two DS Algo questions. I am cursing myself for wasting my time by going there for an interview. I was asked this basic question. Loop Within loop within loop ( 10 Times ) ,( every loop executing N times) Determine the run time complexity.

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What is retain count?

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Swift and objc .

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2. Difference between Delegate and Notification?

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What is Machintosh?

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what is int and ui int only was my question?

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