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As a laboratory technician, you will need strong organisational skills and an adequate knowledge of chemistry in order to collect samples, perform tests and analyse data. Expect to be quizzed about your knowledge of basic scientific concepts as well as your experience of handling lab equipment and conducting tests. Although not mandatory, many labs require that you have an associate degree [achieved through a one-year higher education course such as HNC level 4] or higher.

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Top Lab Technician Interview Questions & How To Answer

Here are three top lab technician interview questions and tips on how to answer them:

Question No. 1: What characteristics do you think a successful lab technician should possess?

How to answer: Typically, an interviewer is looking for a candidate with excellent organisational skills, analytical skills and attention to detail. In addition to these qualities, you should note any characteristics mentioned explicitly in the employer's job description. Relate a personal anecdote that shows how you have put these skills to use in the workplace.

Question No. 2: How do you ensure that you and your colleagues are working in a safe environment?

How to answer: Every lab has safety protocols that technicians must follow to ensure personal safety and lab integrity. Assure the interviewer that you will review the lab's safety manual at the start of the working day and that you will arrive at the lab properly dressed. Emphasise the fact that you understand the importance of communication with your colleagues when placing and labelling samples correctly. Let the interviewer know that you plan to ensure that your workspace is clean and organised at the end of the working day.

Question No. 3: Explain your methods for testing samples.

How to answer: This question allows you to demonstrate your experience with various lab equipment and testing methods. Provide specific examples of tests you have performed while emphasising your communication skills, documentation skills and your ability to work with your fellow technicians. You also want to assure the interviewer that you intend to stay up to date with scientific and technical developments relevant to the company that you are interviewing with.

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Lab Technician was asked...22 September 2016

Willing to work overtime

4 Answers



I am willing to work overtime in order to meet deadlines and schedules.

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Dr.Remedies Labs

What is QC?

4 Answers

QC is a Qualify control verify of equation check.

Quality control

Quality control

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American Family Care

What do you see this job helping you in the future?

3 Answers

How many years have you performed your job?

Experience satisfaction of fullfilomg a goal

Fulfilling my goal with more experience and joy of providing service in the field of study. Less


Are you capable of working in a high demand environment where work is asked of you at inconsistent rates?

3 Answers

I am based on my previous work experience that shows I am use to constantly being given work to finish. Less

Yes, I will take my best

As a traine I'm work with mapro foods as a production supervisor I knew the workload so I'm capable of working in a high demand Less

Costco Wholesale

Why do you want to work in the photo department.

3 Answers

Desire to continue in the field of photography since my experience and past employment is in that field. At present I am retired and need to supplement my income either with some full time or part time work which I am familiar with and enjoy. Less

I currently reside in Dayton, Ohio and wish to find work in that area.

I was a photography student in college and I love to take pictures and I was also an Art History Major. Less

Bureau Veritas

How does your previous job experience prepare you for this position

3 Answers

I've taken specimen and delivered it to the lab

I've taken specimens and deliver them to the lab filled out reports on computer and also label bags to to be delivered the lab Less

Previous job experience prepare me for this position by once a specimen is taken we need to get it down to the lab on time with the right proper label with the patient's name date of birth and medical record number on the Less


3 Answers

4.5 Years experience

I am fresher

I am fresher

Twist Bioscience

Can I call you later?

3 Answers

I do not find that entirely acceptable, simply because it's not a common courtesy. Less

With the process viewed as a whole, the interviewer was indeed acting unprofessionally. Less

Sure,you can call me later

Flint Hills Resources

Have you ever cut a corner?

3 Answers

after the phone interview it takes 1 week for them to ask for an onsite interview Less

How long after interview did it take to hear back from flint hills

I cant really say I have in recent memory

What previous lab work experience do you have?

2 Answers

Plenty, was employed by Pima County Wastewater as a water quality inspector, collecting, preparing, documenting ( COCs ), and verifying the samples electronically. While with the USGS ( internship ) was required to collect, prepare, document, and analyze soil and well / ephemeral stream water samples. Would prepare reagents, calibrate and maintain equipment and instruments in the field and lab. Database maintenance and quality control. Helped train new lab techs. Lots of customer service and frequent interaction with technical professionals, e.g.-scientists, architects, construction managers and engineers. Less

If anything, I am overqualified for either of the advertised openings, but live only about a half a mile away from your location, extremely convenient for me, and promise to stay on with you. Any training will be minimal, Thank You, Carlos Velez, TPO, CFM. Less

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