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computer and maths

1 Answer

difficult and they will say there are negative marks. but dont believe them

How the nine-patch Image different from a regular bitmap? Alternatively, what is the difference between nine-patch Image vs regular Bitmap Image?

1 Answer

Why I had made only one project

1 Answer

Which tool you use for android development.

2 Answers

Will your parents allow you to come kolkata for job?

3 Answers

1). Given an unsorted array having n^2 elements ranging from 1 to n^2, (Example: [8,1,5,3,4,9,7,3,2,6]; n^2=9 ) Transfer these to a 2D Array having dimensions n x n in increasing order. (Required Complexity less than O(n^2).) { 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 }3x3

1 Answer

Explain Dynamic Grid View in Asp.net?

1 Answer

I was asked If any day I have to work late till night, how will I go back to my house with public transport as I don't have any personal vehicle?

1 Answer

Based on the position question may differ

1 Answer

Interview question is very bad. At this time do not hire any person because this company do not have any project currently. They gives vacancies only for running in the market. In a week 100+ person come in the interview and they do not hire any person. Do not come for interview because they do not hire u.

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