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What is polymorphism

1 Answer

IP addressing related questions which were very difficult.

1. Protocol 2. Category 3. DIffrence betwenn aboves 4. How to null singleton class? 5. Write program for reverse nsstring in objective c 6. Diffrence between nsstring and nsmutable string 7. Diffrence between nsset and nsarray 8. Use of nsnumber 9. Diffrence between nsnumber and primitive type 10. Latest version of xcode and iOS 11. Size of iphone and ipad in inches 12. code for goato another viewcontroller 13. Diff between frame and bounds 14. What is code signing 15. Which datatype of image stored in sqlite,coredata 16. Use of finalize in sqlite 17.Which lirbrary for sqlite 18. Which framework used for map 19. what is id and what is use of it 20. what is mvc 21. what is webservice 22. what is post and get method

Questions about past experiences with software development.

1. patterns in c 2. linked list code with double pointer

Basic core java concepts

1 Answer

How to reverse singly linked list using two pointer? best approach for the same. Questions on Sorting algorithms, Dynamic programming, memory management, C++ OOPS concepts, Engineering projects, RDBMS, DS & Algo etc.

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