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What would you say if we were to reject you now as unsuitable?

3 Answers

i think i have not convence to you or i have no quality for this job

You loose....(with a smile)

May be you think that i deserve better

Are you ready to relocate anywhere in India?

3 Answers

who is railway minister/ finance minister? about the company & products

3 Answers

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It was situation base,serious of problem where given in which we have to priorities with reason. Following issues for given as per dept. 1-Related to M/c 2-Safety 3-Utility 4-Raw material 5-Worker

2 Answers

Why you want to come in banking sector

6 Answers

Why fedora?

2 Answers

tell abt urself and why you chose redington and supply chain management. Asked abt my positives and negatives. Then abt my project works and hobbies. What will you do if they reject me for the job. Ideas abt Onsite.

1 Answer

What is SEO? And how you consider it?

1 Answer

what was ur family background

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