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Junior php developer Interview Questions


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Differnce between two dates

2 Answers

Mm-dd-yy Dd-mm-yy


What is php? working? database

1 Answer

How will you load the model in codeigniter?

1 Answer

1.Print the 1 to 10 Series. 2.What is session and cookies. 3.Telling about Yourself.

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Question based on Api Question based on coding on any language

Difference between htmlspecifier and htmlspecialentities Give output: (1) <?php $a='11' if($a==11) echo "Hello" else echo "Hi" (2) <?php $a=0375 echo $a Differrence between unlink and unset Technical Interview:- What is ur expected salary? when you can join/ What is ajax? Write code for ajax?

Machine Test ques : Make two tables 1. 2 col= Id(pri key) and username. 2. 3 col=stu_id(foreign key), subject and marks. Through one form you have to insert the student's username in 1st table and marks and subject name in 2nd table and then have to display the name of the topper.

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