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S&P Global
JRA(Junior Research Associate) was asked...26 June 2012

Eps Formula..(PAT/ No. of Shares) How do u find.. no of shares in accounting period?

3 Answers

By weighted avg of shares over the period

Generally EPS is Calculated as Total Profit after Interest & Taxes, Preference Dividend / No.of Euity Shares Less

yes it is n PAT means Profit after taxes n interest n p. dividend as every body knows... the interviewer specifically asked abt No. of shares and how do u calculate.. Less

Aragen Life Sciences

Tell me about yourself

2 Answers

Hi sir, I would like to introduce my self This is k. Harinath reddy Less

Hi sir am raju.. From Hyderabad recently am completed CLINICAL RESERCH PROGRAM in CLINIINDIA 6 months program... am a fresher for this job sir Less

McKinsey & Company

Estimate total number of emails sent in the world in a day

2 Answers

World population Segment into Developed and Developing countries population Segment into Urban and rural population in both above cases Within urban , segment into age groups - 0-20 ( school , college 5 mails per day) , 20-40 ( working population 15 mails per day), 40-60 ( aging working population 10 per day) , 60-80 ( retired / old age .. 1 mail per day) Add 10% of urban final answer as rural Less

World population Percentage of internet coverage Percentage of email account Percentage of active mail per day Average email per account per day Less

S&P Global

mutual fund, gaap, and some basics

2 Answers

good ... vgood

Please do let me know how much time does it take for the result for online test

Obsidian X

Fit questions were most about experiences while working in a team.

1 Answers

What’s the benefit they offering for employees?

What interests you about finance

1 Answers

I am into finance because every one at some point in their life is going to have to invest. It's the way the world works. Less


Where do I imagine myself in 5 years time

1 Answers

Still here, still working

S&P Global

why sould we select you

1 Answers

iam hard worker

S&P Global

principles of accounting ,accrued income,depletion,capital budgeting ,share premium ,Debt- equity ratio asked me self intro plus about project too Derivatives, amalgamation ,absorption, acquisition, merger, Annual report Public and private company net assets fictitious assets

1 Answers

Average ! answered 6 out of 10 questions .


What does GLG do? Who are its competitors?

1 Answers

Read the website. Especially the compliance section. Know how GLG is different from its peers/competitors and who they are. Watch the Youtube videos on the GLG youtube page. Less

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