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apptitude 25, verbal reasoning 25, oops concept from c++ 20 overall 70 marks and u have to take 35 marks

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About project

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They asked me for introduction?

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First round : 1. If you have int array, how you will sum of that in objective c? 2. If you have string containing too many html tags, how you will remove that tags from string? Second round : 1. What is apns 2. why we share data on social site 3. what is gps 4. how to get distance between 2 location 5. knowledge in swift 6. what is delegate 7. diff between json and xml 8. what is storyboard 9. which controller has delegate.

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2nd round print matrix in spiral order

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How long would you stay with the company ?

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Q: Find the sum of the largest and second largest number in a array

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1st Round: Consider an array of 5 elements. You must create a new array such that at a given position 'i', the number should be product of all elements of original array except the 'i'th element. You have to solve this in least number of iterations possible.

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3.Find the minimum missing positive integer from given array {2,3,4,-1,7,6,0} expected 1 {1,2,3,4,-1,7,9,0} expected 5 {-2,-1,0,1,2,4,5,6,11} expected 3 in O(n) complexity

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What is Polymorphism, Encapsulation, Inheritance defina

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