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Why futures first

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just be confident,read about the company what it does and how it works.

Tell me about yourself. why trading? Why flow traders? why should we hire you?

Why Flow Traders? What is the relation between Crude oil and Indian Rupee?

What keeps you awake at night? Where do you find yourself in a bookstore? A number of behavioral questions were asked. Have a good idea of why you want to pursue a career in Trading.

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Do you enjoy trading?

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There are multiple panels to save the time. I was interviewed by two members one of them was trader in their company and other was from management. Before the interview began they handed out forms to fill in HR question like your greatest strength, your biggest achievement etc. They started with a HR questions and later asked math stuff. These are the asked to me 1) If there are 10 lakh people in a city how many fridges would be there in that city 2)Estimate the population of your city 3)Math calculations like square of 87 and gave a 10 seconds time to answer it 4) They wrote some currency conversion rates on a paper and gave me 15 seconds time to remember it and asked questions on it After this round another 3 rounds took place which are memory game, stress interview and HR

One question on situation bases decision making like you have to bet on the revolver which is filled with only one bullet and for every bet of 10 Rs u will loose 20 and win 20. The total amount in ur account is 100. How much u will bet initially.??

Why do you want to be a trader?

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