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Interview questions in Kochi

Tata Consultancy Services Interviews in Kochi

www.tcs.com /  HQ: Mumbai, IN

37 Interviews in Kochi (of 6,555)

2.6 Average

Sutherland Interviews in Kochi

www.sutherlandglobal.com /  HQ: Pittsford, NY

28 Interviews in Kochi (of 572)

2.4 Easy

Cognizant Technology Solutions Interviews in Kochi

www.cognizant.com /  HQ: Teaneck, NJ

23 Interviews in Kochi (of 4,843)

2.4 Easy

Interview Questions in Kochi

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How long will you be here in Sutherland?

2 Answers

This is unnecessary and unwanted question.

as long as sutherland need ma service

programs asked 1.to inverse the content of a arrray.don't use tmp variables 2 . to reverse a sentence. 3.to find the missing no : in a array of size 100. which have numbers from 1-101 written randomly

2 Answers

where do you want to see yourself down the line 5 years

1 Answer

How can u make 120 from five zeroes??

1 Answer

Describe yourself.

1 Answer

You said EY is one of your dream companies. So will you stay with EY for a very long time? If not then what could be the reason you might leave EY?

1 Answer

what will yoy do if somebody disobeys you and if he is a union leader ?

1 Answer

xplain ur previous job why u quit?

1 Answer

My experience and self introduction since i was in round 1

1 Answer

they ask some questions to pass time

1 Answer
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