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Scientific Publishing Services
Language Editor was asked...14 June 2018

tell me about yourself and some language based questions.Three or four people were interviewing but no big or tough questions were asked.the process took not more than one hour.but had to wait for a long time to know about the offer.

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After manager round?


Personal identification On my experiences and experiences on my job

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The questions were answered with confidence


Written test where I had to re write an text from English to Norwegian.

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I re wrote the text from English to Norwegian x 3 and only got 10 minutes to re write the real text. Text in Norwegian was proof read by an Swedish team leader, and clearly the Swedish team leader does not have 15 years of Norwegian written and spoken languages both Bokmål and Nynorsk in school in Sweden, therefor google translate was used as well, and that is not very comparable to what the Norwegian Language is about. Less


"Since this is a company that publishes Technical books, it would be almost impossible to train a person in all the technical languages, so in this case, what would be my "plan of action" to overcome this hurdle if given the job as Technical Editor."

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My answer - First and foremost, I would rely on the initial training given to me by the company. Second, I would rely on my excellent internet research skills. Third, I would make an extra effort to learn and acquire at least the basic know-how of a particular technical/computer language, which is the most relevant and most used in this company, which would help me immensely in performing my job as a Copy Editor. Less

Junglee Games

I was asked to take a look at some sentences and say how natural they sounded in American English. I had to support my answers with evidence from an authentic source (making data-driven decisions is one of their values), which I was able to do well.

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I was able to do that easily, as I'm obsessed with mastering English and spend almost all of my free time studying the structure of the language. The other questions were also easy for me-- obsession with your subject and passion for your job will get you through anything. Less

SPi Global

Who do you read? Or, who is your favorite author?

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I mentioned my best author, and the most favorite by the same author.

Scientific Publishing Services

Just simple questions in German language like fillin and a brief kind of

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basic grammer


Normal, they wanted to know most personal questions like if I was fun, what kind of humor I had etc. They also wonder about TV-Shows and the knowledge around that.

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I told them who I was, what I stand for, was honest as I always are.

Scientific Publishing Services

Nothing difficult

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TNQ Technologies

About English Grammer and Vocabulary

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I dont have an idea

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