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Tell me about a time when you couldn't meet a deadline?

4 Answers

Always hard to answer as you know they want to know your process.

I won't waste your time, I cannot remember a time I could not meet a deadline. Meeting a deadline is crucial for the next process to begin so not making one is not an option.

They want you to be trutheful here, and give an example where you missed a deadline. The important piece is how you followed through after missing the deadline.

There are 7 balls - of which 6 are identical, one weighs slightly less. You have a two sided scale (like Lady Justice's) that you can use just twice. How do you find the odd ball?

2 Answers

What is TAkt time?

1 Answer

No tough Questions! Explain a tough decision you took.

1 Answer

Estimate the number of elevators in Manhattan

1 Answer

Do you have any vacations coming up?

1 Answer

Do you speak Spanish?

1 Answer

How many glasses of orange juice were consumed in the US this morning?

1 Answer

How would you determine the number of parking spaces a brand new casino/resort should have? Sounds like an easy question, yet no matter how many variables I brought up, the interviewer asked what else.

1 Answer
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