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Java Developer Fresher was asked...5 June 2017

pratical test-one java program to be done in 1 hour

2 Answers


Was it normal program in java, or any advaced was asked like Hibernate, or spring ? Less

Is java pure oop?

2 Answers


It is 99% object oriented but it may 100% using wrapper class.


most of the core java,servlet,jsp,sql database,servlet package

2 Answers

15 question on 15 min so fast be prepare on core java and adv java.

Plz tell me which staffing agency

Print "Hello world" without semicolon.

BridgeLabz Solutions

Tell me about urself

1 Answers



First round was aptitude test, Second round was a technical written test & final was taken by HR

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on face to face round he asked about mvc , then sql command in dcl ddl dml formal then about project then , and about 4 driver in jdbc and tell u to do write some logic about* or space pattern on the paper and after this clearing test they will cal u aftr 3 days then in programming yest the 3 programme gives us to wright example binary search, concatination, factiorial with addition of it,n many more

1 Answers

i answer this questions well bcz i was not preaperd well

write a java code to find the factorial of a number through recursion

1 Answers

wrote the java code

Paramatrix Technologies

Total 36 question  Time - 54 min profit and loss-3 questions -Find out actual price? -What will be the profit? -Whether it gain profit or not? How much? Relationship-4 question -A $ b  a is sister of b. A*c a is mother c  A # h  a is brother of h and  + daughter A $ b * c + d who is ther father? Something like that i dont remember exact question. - and 2 more question same like above -situation based question like 5 people sit in circle what is possition of x from left/right possition? Number system Find nxt series  -  ax, bz,  cy, dw,?  -.  ? *19=7828 find ?  -  67, 72, 65, 70, 63,? 12 -14 questions about c  find the output from given code -4 questons on situation based question -true statement  if every teacher is student and  every boys are student  Both are true or either one of true. Time and work 3 question - if a comple the work one sixth day and b complete the work in one seventh day with the help of c it completes work in 3 day find the share work of c -1 queston on staticstics - If a bus at speed 45kmph how many kilometer it complete in nxt 2 hr

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Great observation..

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