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Are you Catholic?

2 Answers

Should have been Mormon.

That question is illegal

Study the company 10k and know the products and balance sheet.

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What do you know about the UFC?

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My two interviews were half behavioral and half silly questions.

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Why do you want to be in the construction industry?

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They ask for writing samples so as to see how you're able to write.

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Asked general computer science topics (Describe a hash table, etc.) Didn't ask any behavioral questions, or anything about my résumé. Had two coding questions: 1) Given a Binary Search Tree, print out the median value. If there is an even number of nodes, print the average of the two middles. 2) Given a Genealogy Tree, print out the tree, row by row. For example: Dave / \ Michael Sarah / \ / \ Joe Alex Sam Tom Output would be: Dave Michael Sarah Joe Alex Sam Tom The questions weren't very hard, but I nearly ran out of time because I couldn't understand them. I spent a lot of time just trying to understand what they were asking for. They asked about the time and space complexities of everything I was doing. After I finished the second question, he gave me another problem with it. Asked if there would be a way where you get stuck in an infinite loop, and how to fix it. Also, they allowed me to choose which language I was more comfortable with. I used Java.

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Are you comfortable with communication?

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Typical interview questions

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What the biggest problem you've had and how did you go about solving it?

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