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Junior engineer Interview Questions in Las Vegas, NV, US


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Technical Programming Test from Recruiter

1 Answer

basically create a CLI client utilizing their API. I took 4 days. Day 1: design, then Day 2: prototype, then Day 3: clean up and optimization and unit tests. Day 4: Submitted. They said they were impressed.

Whiteboarding binary tree. Basically create a program using DFS and BFS on Binary Tree.

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Please list some primitive data types in Java – at least 4.What are the four pillars of OOP (Object Oriented Programming). Please list access modifiers. True or False - An abstract class can be instantiated through its constructor.True or False: Java classes can implement multiple interfaces. Please list at least 4 different data structures. What would you use to compare two String variables, the operator “==” or the method equals(). If you override the method equals() of an object, which other method much you also consider. Write some code that will cause a NullPointerException to be thrown.Write a method that determines if a string starts with an upper-case letter A-Z.

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Explain what AJAX is and it’s advantages/disadvantages.

Technical Email and Phone screening

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