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Senior Manager Interview Questions in Las Vegas, NV, US


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Case Study

1 Answer

This tests your ability to size up a situation in a case file and identify issues and recommend how you would bring a project back in line with expectations. (explaining to a panel of executive sponsors)

Tell me about yourself

2 Answers

Typical questions about your experience mostly. Very few "HR" questions

1 Answer

Had two competing vendors that did not get along, but needed to work on this project together. How do you manage the communication between them?

1 Answer

What experience do you have managing work in the field (i.e. construction supervision)?

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years of my experience

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Something like, do you have the ability to show empathy to customers in collections, rather than them just being some stranger on the end of the phone line. *They are looking for people who can offer solutions, be a critical thinker and be an advocate for the customer, not just a rude person asking for payment. In fact if you are rude are inappropriate with a CM, it's an automatic term.

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Example question: How would you put together a content marketing campaign for a new product we're adding?

Situation type questions. Second interview is 30 preset questions that they cannot rephrase but only repeat.