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They asked why i want to join BHEL

2 Answers

I told them being a Maharatna and a true indian engineering Gaint it will be a privilage to join BHEL.

BHEL is reputated company of india and I would love to work with it

They gave me a resistive network and asked to solve for current and voltage at a particular resistor

1 Answer

HR interview is the toughest one.

1 Answer

Circuits were given to test basic capacitor knowledge.

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latch up

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Basic CMOS, Fabrication, Layout, Stick diagram etc in the first round. The second round was more based on digital logic.

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In GD round they will give a topic to speak upon. You just need to show that your communication skills are good by speaking valid and proper points to justify your statement. In the technical round they will ask basic electronics subject questions. Questions on network analysis, op-amps, digital electronics etc. Questions are like they will give you a circuit to test your basic knowledge on current and voltage division, mainly your RC Circuit analysis. If you answer basic questions they will go for questions on mosfets. They may even ask few aptitude questions as well. Then finally comes HR round. In this round they will ask you questions like tell me about yourself or they give any situations for you to decide by that they will check your decision making skills like what would you choose between this company and cadence company if you get placed in both, such kind of critical questions.

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What is footer cell, what is it used for?

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design a digital circuit for a leap year

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