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Given a table containing Employee names & Age, give a SQL Select query to find out the list of 2nd oldest people.

3 Answers

Can use a combination of MAX(age) inside an inner query

need an inner join: like select * from table T1 where (select count(*) from table T2 where T2.age

select max(p.age) from persons p where p.age < (select max(p1.age) from persons p1 where p.age = p1.age)

Design a monopoly like board game with the given conditions.

1 Answer

Application Design

1 Answer

How do you motivate yourself when you don't have a clear picture on what you will be working?

1 Answer

Problem solving

1 Answer

What would the person rate himself on his key competency, to a scale of 1-10?

1 Answer

Purely technical questions and high expectations from client

1 Answer

What if we don't hire you ?

1 Answer

What is my future plans in terms of growth say 5 years down the line?

1 Answer

Techno Functional w.r.t SAP modules for Stock overview and to rectify

1 Answer
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