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what are benefits of Micro-services architecture.

personal info. Bank Account details. Bank statements. ex company's salary account bank statement,

Candidate needs to have more clarity on his/her resume and the projects they've worked on. Then questions will be mostly of DS and Algorithms. Candidate is expected to write the complete code. Interviewer helps you with hints in providing the optimal solution.

Q. List down object class mathods. Q. What is difference between String, StringBuffer, StringBulder. Q. How StringBuffer's append method works.

JAVA Collections, Multi-threading, Real time problem

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Immutable in java, string pool, real life load handling scenarions

1. Create a spring-boot application for CRUD operations. 2. Factory Design Pattern. 3. Print the Permutations of a string.

1. easy leet code question( find frequency of words) 2. Medium leet code question(find all the nth pairs present in an array adding up to a target) however the question was little ambigious , for example if you have 1 and you need to find 15 then add 1 to 15 times to get a 15 , or if you have 10+5 you should have that as well or 5,5 and 5 as well. I could only do upto 4- sum (2, 3 and 4) sum. He didn't look happy with that. 3) why docker and Kubernates 4) Java -8 what's so special in Java-8 (I answered well, covered everyting ) 5) write all end points (Rest API) for a particular scenario.

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- In the tech rounds I was literally asked the difference between MVP and MVVM. I was asked to explain this to the entire tech team there. - In the other tech rounds I was asked to discuss a few challenged I faced while working on the current project. I was asked to review code via hangouts. The interviewer showed a piece of code on Hangouts, and I had to suggest improvements (I'm not sure how any of this was expected to evaluate my skills)

Basic written test and situational questions

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