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Lead Audio Video Technician was asked...12 March 2016

Can you build racks?

3 Answers

Very well, I have pictures to prove it.

I'm certain the erecting of racks proprietary or not are backed with a proven system and process. Or if in fact rack construction that may be floored or need an adjustment has now been identified and I could work to identify and resolve any deficiencythat will manipulate the current process or processes to prove productive and your ultimate goal being sustainable Less

All the racks proprietary to our firm whereas the manipulation of the processes would be beneficial for a team brainstorm identifying all possibilities Less

Central Garden & Pet

Why do I want to be part of central garden and pet

2 Answers

I want to be part of this company because this company I know has great growth opportunity. Less

I think I could learn more to my knowledge, also I love sharing what I know to our customers and team , it's a great feeling to help others Less

ITT Systems

Can you pass a drug test?

1 Answers



Give me an example of a strong leader you have had in the past, and what about them made you want to follow them.

1 Answers

I talked about marching band and how we had a culture of wanting to better each other through competition. We had a squad leader that lead by example and excelled, seemingly, with ease. Truth was he worked harder than everybody else and was always willing to help out anyone willing to ask. Less


What cable terminations are you accustomed to?

1 Answers

Many in the AV industry. (Ex. Cat2,5,6&7, RG, XLR, RCA, BNC, and Custom.)

On Side Restoration Services

How familiar are you with the industry? Walk me through these few scenarios, water claim, sewer backup claim, fire claim.

1 Answers



Do you prefer to work on projects as an individual or as a team contributor?

1 Answers

He wanted to hear "Yes, I am a team player." If their existing staff is so good, why aren't they promoting from within? Less


Where do you see yourself in this organization?

1 Answers

As a Manager or Lead team collaborator

Newton Paiva

Experiência profissional Avaliação comportamental Experiência acadêmica Capacidade de resolver problemas Vivência profissional na área.

1 Answers

De acordo com o meu currículo.


Standard STAR behavioral questions. 1. Conflict management (How did you handle a dispute/disagreement with a coworker or your boss) 2. Problem solving (How did you solve a difficult problem or a problem with minimal information) 3. Innovation (How did you improve something in the workplace, or go against the norm) 4. Mistake/failure management (Tell me a time you made a mistake, and how you changed from it) 5. Collaboration (When was a time your collaborated with another department to improve something?)

1 Answers

1. Show empathy, attempt to fix the situation. Escalate if that doesn't work. 2. Attempt to fix the problem if you can. Escalate if not, 3. Give an example of a time you saved a company a few dollars. 4. You messed something up. You learned from it, now you train people with specific emphasis on how to do the same mistake you did. 5. I see a problem I can't fix. Let me escalate it. Less

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