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why did u left your last organisation

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Carrier growth

Q1) Review the document available online and provide comments, improvements suggestions on the same. Q2) Create a presentation that talks about how to implement quality improvement, and ensure that quality is improved. What are the steps you would take to implement and ensure implementation of quality? Q3) What are the various documentation tools in the market and how do you select the best available tool?

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1) Random Questions on Core Java 2) Program to find maximum profit in a stock market data 3) Annotations on Spring & Hibernate 4) HTTP Response Codes 5) Path Variables vs Request Params 6) Idempotent Methods 7) Cloud Fundamentals ( Elasticity vs Scalability) 8) Log file analysis & Tools 9) JPA . 10) Interface vs Abstract Method 11) Few Project Management & People Management Questions 12) Cloud awareness especially (aws ) is expected 13) REST url endpoints Standards & Conventions 14) Monolithic vs Microservices vs SOA architecture (Diff when to use where etc) 15) Java 8 Questions (For each , Lambda,Streams)

Technical Call flows, Reasons for leaving existing job

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