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Retail Team Leader was asked...31 August 2016

Give an example of a time you received good customer service

1 Answers

What is one of your biggest accomplishments


Why you want to join Decathlon

1 Answers

As you can explore your managing skills side by side and you get good fresher salary. Also it's the only company where you can explore other other sports if you love sports. Less


The tell me about a time when questions are pretty standard...you faced a conflict, you disagreed with your boss, you had to motivate a team to achieve a tough goal, you hired or fired someone, you wanted to implement an idea and others disagreed with you.

1 Answers

Be sure your answers are well thought out and include results.


How would you..? Your reaction would be..? Could you have..?

1 Answers

Essentially all open ended questions. They want to hear you talk and see how you solve issues and different situations. Less


tells us about a time you worked in a team

1 Answers

- my retail experience

Cracker Barrel

They asked me many questions about how I will train, redirect and encourage my fellow co-workers. It was a very intense and difficult interview.

1 Answers

I had told them that I was a very good cheerleader, and worked well with positive reinforcement. Also redirecting bad or incorrect behavior was familiar to me as I had raised 8 children. Less


How would you lead me?

1 Answers

I said: I would use questions to find out the style that the employee likes to be interacted with. I would ask "what motivates you?" "how do you like to be praised?" "what do you expect from a leader?" "what can I expect from you?" etc. and then I would use what the employee told me to adjust to a style they would be comfortable with to ensure maximum performance and employee satisfaction. Less


What does accountability mean to you and how do you how people accountable?

1 Answers

Accountability is about setting expectations and delegating a task to a person. If they do not complete the task to the expectation, you are not to assume, but ask "what could I have done to help you?" or "what's stopping you from succeeding?". I would check in with employees to see what I could help them with if they are unable to complete certain tasks and how I could help them improve. Less


Tell me about your past job experiences and why did you leave .

1 Answers

mostly due to company closing and restructuring.


how do you motivate your team?

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