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Why do you want to move in-house?

2 Answers

Yes i want to move in house but my job is done then i am move to house

Was that really your answer? Move in house means in house legal counsel role, NOT house

What will be the most important thing for you in your next position?

1 Answer

Work flow/ process of contract management, indemnification clauses/ process- situational based or contract based

1 Answer

Experience ,

1 Answer

The team manager wanted me to describe a situation I had encountered in my workplace, where I was put under pressure, both in terms of time and expected response, and how I had responded to that pressure while not losing sight of the policies which I had to protect and execute.

1 Answer

Past projects and experiences from them

Only relevant questions were asked, and they mainly wanted to know about my professional skills and experience.

which contract is drafted first employment agreement or NDA

1 Answer

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