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Olds College
Library Aide was asked...25 January 2016

Would i be able to work alone at night?

2 Answers

Yes I could.


Harris Teeter

What are your strengths and weaknesses? On how it relates to position.

1 Answers

Strengths and weaknesses change based on task. So, as of how they relate to job I am not sure, but my personal strengths are... Less

University of Illinois at Chicago

Be prepared to answer questions about the Library of Congress classification system.

1 Answers

It's obvious that you'd need to know this, but bone up a little. You don't need to explain anything specific, like memorizing codes, just be aware of how it functions by subject. Less

City of San Antonio

Describe a time when something didn't work out for you the first time, but worked out the second.

1 Answers

In another job as a manager, I was in charge of ensuring all employees were trained on all stations every 6 months. With our high turnover I couldn't keep up with all the training documentation and when we were inspected by the Supervisor, we failed the training portion. So to help keep my self organized I created an excel spreadsheet of the employees and their training dates, and on the next inspection the training portion was passed. Less

City of San Antonio

Explain what you did during a time where things did not go right.

1 Answers

During an Inspection at a previous job I had to step in to a worker position, even though I was the manager, because 3 people didn't come in that day. What helped me stay focused was stepping back and looking at the big picture. Less

Palmdale School District

How should students walk in and out of a library?

1 Answers

Students should walk in quietly and leave quietly. Librarys

Blue Springs School District

Would I be able to confront students if they were causing problems.

1 Answers

Yes, I am a person that is able to address problems diplomatically with people.

Contra Costa County Library

If I could put the call numbers in order.

1 Answers

They gave me about 10 or 15 catalog cards to put in order.

Broward County Library

Are you familiar with the decimal system, how would you organize?

1 Answers

Start with the numbers, than the letters.

City of San Antonio

Describe how you would motivate yourself to do a repetitive task.

1 Answers

I volunteered at my previous job to work as a stocker for 4 months which was quite repetitive, however to keep myself motivated I organized my time and my tasks so I knew how much should be completed at each time interval. Less

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