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JPMorgan Chase & Co
Licensed Personal Banker was asked...28 May 2009

What is your weakness?

3 Answers

My strong personality to be the best.

Whatever you do don't say that you are unable to work in a very structured job. Chase is really big on structure and knowing your role. Tell them that you love helping people and that sometimes you might be too invested in your clients success but just need to learn to trust your team members who you hand them off too. For example, the PB will hand off clients to specialist who need help with investments, mortgage, car loans, etc. Less

Don't give a transparent answer like "my strong personality to be the best." Give a REAL weakness, and then show how knowing it's a weakness helps you to be successful. Less

JPMorgan Chase & Co

She asked right off the bat how much I was expecting to get paid if an offer was made. Most of the time that question is more towards the end.

2 Answers

Yeah, but you can always expect the unexpected in an interview. Its always good to honestly tell the person how much you are expecting rather than to crib later. And you can promise that you will be completely worth the amount you have asked for. Less

its ok


How do you get clients/business

2 Answers

Can you handle stress and be flexible


Astoria Bank

sell me this paper.

1 Answers

What sets you apart from the other candidates

Fifth Third

What is your selling style

1 Answers



When did you made a sad customer happy

1 Answers

I gave an example of a customer


Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

1 Answers

As a leader of the team

Fidelity Investments

Why do you want to take a step backwards in pay and position?

1 Answers

Have to sound eager for a "fresh start".

J.P. Morgan

Where do you see your self in 5 years ?

1 Answers

Be honest ? But have an answer

JPMorgan Chase & Co

Why do you want to work for Chase?

1 Answers

Do your research about chase, the moto, etc..........

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