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Simmons Bank
Licensed Personal Banker was asked...10 August 2022

Why would you be the perfect candidate for this position?


When did you made a sad customer happy

1 Answers

I gave an example of a customer

Wells Fargo

What Previous experience in sales I had. Lol

HUB International

Q: Tell me how you would acquire a book of clients in this position?

1 Answers

A: I would start off by connecting with friends and family as they would want to support me in this new role. From there, I would be able to gain more clients from word of mouth. Less


Sell me this pencil

1 Answers

How do you handle conflict at work

Wells Fargo

Name a time you persuaded a customer to get a different product

Wells Fargo

about the experience for the role and how you handle challenging customers. How to handle team member experience and enhance customer experience

JPMorgan Chase & Co

What makes you stand out from all the other applicants and how would you apply that at this position?

Wells Fargo

Describe a time where you faced a de Lima between what was moral and personal gain

1 Answers

As a Squad leader in the East Carolina Army ROTC Battalion a drunk guy accidentally handed me a $50 instead of a $5 for a football program and the dilemma was, should I keep the $45 as a tip or donate it to the battalion so we all can go to the football game? Or give it back and hope that he remembers the generosity and hope we can sell more football programs. I informed him and he ended up reaching out to my Master Sergeant and I was recognized for the deed. Win/win. I am not personally motivated by money but rather, helping others and education. Less

Wells Fargo

Tell me a time you have to work with a difficult customer and what did you Conti make sure the customer left satisfied?

1 Answers

I always explain to the customer I am here to help and if I am not the expert I will make sure to get one involved and will help solve your issue before you leave as my commitment to them. I would listen take notes reiterate their story and work backwards. I use a smile eye contact and show empathy Less

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